Zcode System – Easy Sports Betting Tips that Make You Win

Have you heard of Zcode System? Okay, first let me ask you that are you in search of surefire sports betting tips and strategies? If you are, have you got them? I am sure, you haven’t yet! In that case, you should know about Zcode System. So, I will tell you more about this system.

What is Zcode System?

Zcode System is a program designed to advise people about which sports events to bet on and which ones they should not. They do this by analyzing a huge database comprising sports data of 13 years and produces predictions according to those calculations. Steve, Mike, Ron and their team of programmers have spent more than 2 years in beta-testing this system before releasing it and it’s showing actual results.

Zcode System predicts about all major sports in the United States including the NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA.

There are many sports investing systems on the web, some of which are winners and some others are losers. Zcode is unique in that it not only provides you picks, but even tells you the reason behind those picks, with straight-up stats, not “gut feelings”.

How does Zcode System Work and Why is it So Successful?

Zcode System suggests A-B-C betting technique. This is to make a 1-unit bet. If you lose, you should make a 2-unit bet. If you lose again, make a 3-unit bet. If you lose this too, re-set and begin again with your “A” bet. Using this technique, you must come ahead around 86.5% of the time with every A-B-C series you bet using Zcode. Fairly good odds!

The formula is easy enough – win for more number of times than you lose. Follow the most basic sports betting tips and strategies, and you can gain a profit in the long run from your bets, that’s it.

Benefits of Zcode System

The best thing about Zcode system is it takes out all the guesswork in betting. Moreover it’s so simple that even a child can understand it.

The huge database contains lines that extend back for years in the past and you can see each and every bet during that time period. Some of these lines have made more than $1 million since their starting. If you want to make some serious cash in sports betting, this is the best place to start.

Zcode System is always updated. It’s a living sports investing system and not an eBook.

So, if you have been disappointed with the “Copyright” at the bottom of a betting guide you bought, it’s time now to try Zcode as it is indeed hopeful as they keep it fresh always and the system works on a proven formula.