Winning at roulette: is it possible? YES!

Nowadays, surfing on the Internet you can find hundreds of softwares, bots, strategies and systems for winning at roulette, but none of them works for real. So which one is the best? Which one is the best and will help you for real start winning at roulette?

I never trusted to “screenshots” or images about winning at roulette. If you know photoshop – you can easily change them and “write” that you WON millions of euro in 1 session game. That’s why I’m trusting ONLY TO VIDEOS!

I watched couple videos on youtube about roulette softwares, but there was ONLY ONE who really impressed me. Do you know why? Because they played for real money (not only fun), on real casino, had more than 1 video about, didn’t play cents but euros without being afraid of betting. If you really had a working software: would you bet cents and pennies??? Not for sure, that’s why I purchased their software on 29 of October 2017.


It’s called RouleGENIUS Roulette software (official page: )

Am I satisfied for getting it? Yes, I am. Now let me explain why I am.

At beginning I was a bit confused about how exactly it works and how actually I had to configure the software, but once I fixed all my doubts using their tutorials and live chat assistance help – it becomes a pleasure to play at roulette.

Now, I want to underline 3 reasons why I chose and I’m totally satisfied of RouleGENIUS Roulette software:

1. They were the only one that I found on YouTube with videos on REAL MODE, playing real money on real casino.

2. There have 25 Secrets to WIN at roulette using their software, secrets that explain EVERYTHING: how much to bet?, how long to play for?, how many sessions to do everyday?, how long pauses to take between 2 sessions?, when is the right moment to leave roulette? ecc. All these secrets are for FREE! Would a fake seller share with you all these important details? Not for sure.

3. The software calculate predictions basing on YOUR OWN roulette: you type inside the name of roulette (like FRENCH roulette, American roulette, European roulette, Live roulette etc), it’s platform (like Playtech, NetENT, IGT etc) and it calculate amazing predictions offering you NO MORE than 4 consecutive losing spins.


So don’t trust that other people say about this or other softwares, until it’s FREE- don’t lose the opportunity and try it on yourself to convince how good it is.

In the end, as RouleGENIUS website title says: Now it’s your time to WIN!