Most of you still don’t believe that is it possible to WIN at roulette, so in this article, I want to share with you my experience, more specifically – some tricks and advices for winning at roulette.

First of all, I have to admit that a big part of my experience is based on the “25 secrets to WIN”, a list of secrets that changed properly my life and let me understand how actually roulette algorithms work. I got that secrets for FREE once I purchased RouleGENIUS License – an innovative roulette predictor, used by hundreds of people all other the world. I wrote an article about it, because it has been titled as “the best 2018 roulette software predictor” and it is going to win the title this 2019 year too (please vote them – because they are AMAZING and really WORTH it!).

What is my strategy? Few of you realize that the real secret of WINNING at Roulette actually depends on simple factor: the TIME. I’m playing on multiple casino, more precisely on 3 different casinos, twice a week, in the evening. It may look crazy – but since I applied these “advices”, written by RouleGENIUS into “25 secrets to WIN”, my roulette winnings increased incredibly.

If you have serious intention to WIN at roulette, you should first of all, as RouleGENIUS Secrets say, do NOT play for fun, but see the game at roulette like a job, and fix some weekly purposes to reach so that reach them and stop playing. How many times you played and got some wins, then, by trying to win one more spin, you started to have one lose, then a second lose, until you didn’t lose everything… Am I right? I’m totally sure that you lived a such experience more than 1 time.


That is why you need to know Roulette first to play on it. I’m not referring to know “how to play at roulette”, but to know how it does work: to win the war you need to study your enemy, because nothing at roulette occur casually. If you think that roulettes are not rigged – you’re totally wrong: ALL roulette are rigged! But it is still possible to BEAT THEM! Yes, beat them properly, by skipping losing spins, and increasing your winnings. The secret number 22 of the list “25 secrets to WIN” revealed me how to detect that next spin will be a losing one so that I don’t bet on it: now I understand that if you don’t have the right information in your hands – you can’t win at roulette! If you get 1-2 winnings – that is just luck, no strategy behind which means soon or later that few winnings will be transformed in lots of losses. That is the reason why you need to be INFORMED first to start playing at roulette.