Why Did PokerStars Increase Player Payout?

During the last edition of the EPT (European Poker Tour), one announcement by PokerStars took a lot of the poker players by surprise: they increased the player payout from 15% to 20%. The PokerStars management has confirmed the announcement, but we’ve asked for the explanation. Here’s what we have found out!

If you’re a recreational poker player, the 20% might seem to be a too high payout, right? Most people thought that PokerStars should have tested the concept before rolling it out in a major tournament such as the EPT. So, how do they justify their decision?

It seems that PokerStars have done an extensive survey over the summer and their decision to increase the payout was taken based on the results of that survey. Almost 50% of players who participated in last year’s EPT had played in maximum 2 events. So, what’s the point in hosting more than 90 events per stop when it obviously doesn’t encourage them to take part in too many events? So, having seen the results, the management decided to evaluate the payout structure using an earlier research which showed that the support was equally split between payouts of 15% and 12.5% and 10%. It seems like, no matter what choice you make, it results in more 2/3 of poker players becoming unhappy. Therefore, PokerStars made decision to do what they thing would be best for the poker economy.

So, by keeping the payout at 20%, PokerStars would give 5% of the field an opportunity to do-over. Even though players won’t be making big money, they would get back the cash they put in and that might encourage them to try their luck at the next event. In fact, since most players who compete in EPT are recreational players and online qualifiers from PokerStars and, for them, it’s very important to cash in any event.

Let’s see how that is going to play out! But before we see the results of these changes, use PokerStars marketing code to try your own luck with online poker!