What is Sports Handicapping

If you’ve heard for sports handicappers but you don’t know anything about them, it will be my pleasure to help you learn what they do and how to choose one for yourself. In general, sports handicapping means the process of determining which of two sportsmen or sports teams, if either, has more chances to win in a specific event or how individual clubs or players would do in an entire sports season. Team sports and those featuring individuals such as golf, tennis and racing can be pertained, as well as the horse races. Anyone interested in sports betting should understand how sports handicapping works, the purpose of it, as well as intended results. I’ve asked RickJ*, interested in sports and trading, the best in stock market and sports handicapping, to tell us something about his own job.

A sport handicapper usually, but not necessarily, works for sports-books, for bettors or pick services. Even though handicapping is typically associated with thoroughbred racing, it is actually a part of any sport on which people wager. It is, however, extremely hard to find a good handicapper, especially if he/she claims to do all sports. Usually, a handicapper is not only expert on sports betting, but tends to be an expert on a specific sport (or a few of them). Because they enjoy the sport to its fullest, they are able to create extremely accurate over/unders, points spreads and moneylines. Nevertheless, some handicappers use software they’ve created to help them analyze the past matches and predict the outcome of the future events.

To be a good handicapper, you need to be skilled, knowledgeable and to have a keenly analytical mind. In the best scenario, a professional handicapper supplying picks is right about 2/3 of the time over the course of a season. This shows how refined this skill is. When choosing a sports handicapper to help you bet, always keep in mind this statistics; if someone claims to be better, steer clear of him!

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