United Games – A Much Better Alternative to Fantasy Sports

If I tell you that you can now play sports with your favorite teams or players for free and earn rewards, will you believe me? But you have to, because a unique app will be stepping in the sports and gaming world, named United Games!

United Games – A New Approach to Play and Win

United Games is a company formed by a team of interactive sports and mobile rewards veterans and is the creator of United Games app. The app is going to be launched this September; but you can join even today. Just visit United Games or contact Kim at richeyk7@gmail.com and provide these details:

1. Full Name
2. Cell phone number (no landlines)
3. Valid email address
4. Put in Subject line ONE of the following:
1. Invite me as an affiliate
2. Invite me as a player

There are some very keen observations and study behind the development of this app. Here are some of them with which you will be surprised.

90% of the population of the United States (290 million) watches sports; so, sports is a billion dollar industry. However, it consists of only 4% paying customers. Average customer retention is 9.7 years and share with 7 more customers. More than $800 billion is spent on sports gambling every year.

sports fans

Fantasy Sports Facts

  • 56.8 million people play Fantasy Sports in the U.S. and Canada
  • Average time spent consuming Fantasy sports is 8.67 hr/week

Conclusion is Fantasy Sports is not exploiting what they could.

What all these figures denote is lots of people who watch sports just for the fun of sports-watching are not getting anything and they are just supporting the sports community.

take our sports back

Therefore, the developers of United Games designed the app to benefit the genuine sports fan population. This is how it works:

  • Visit United Games or contact Kim at richeyk7@gmail.com and provide the information as mentioned above
  • Download the app and become a player (or an affiliate)
  • Choose a game to play
  • Play for FREE or Play with Tokens
  • Buy tokens
  • Get tokens FREE with memberships
  • Get FREEMIUM tokens with ad clicks
  • Play by yourself or with others
  • Earn points
  • Earn rewards

United Games

How is United Games Superior to Fantasy Sports?

  • United Games has been built by interactive sports and mobile rewards veterans. It’s a FREE App with In-in-app purchases and app advertising
  • Freemium game model
  • Unlike Fantasy Sports, it rewards players for their achievements
  • Offers rankings at the city, state and national levels
  • Builds a mature network of sport promoters, league managers and players
  • The better way to play live with your team
  • Feels like a game, not a worksheet
  • Eliminates negatives of fantasy sports, like gambling and difficulty levels
  • Strong Social components such as live chats during live events

United Games app

What is best about United Games is it covers big sports throughout the world like cricket, hockey and soccer, whereas Fantasy is focused only on football and basketball. It also covers NASCAR attended by 98,000 people, whereas NBA (fantasy) is attended by only 17,000 people. Also it covers global events like the Olympics, World Championships, Tour De France and more. All in all, United Games is definitely going to grab a major share of sports world as compared to fantasy which covers only a minor share, and of course the benefit will be passed on to affiliates.

capitalizing global market

United Games thus offers a win-win situation. You can pay as small an amount as $1.00-$1.50 and everyone wins. Or you can play for free!

Watch this video to know the reasons how you can be benefited by United Games:

So, hurry up and join ASAP to start having fun!