Top Tips for Winning at Sports Betting

While most people take pleasure in a flutter, very few have enough knowledge about what they do to win in the long run at sports betting. If you are placing bets on your favorite teams or teams you consider to be better than others, you need to understand some other points too. Here are some such points with which you can become a winning bettor.

Take Odds into Consideration

Not considering the odds offered is a number one mistake losing bettors make. While placing their bets, they give a consideration only to who would be the winner and place the bet on that team irrespective of the odds offered. A majority of bettors are not well versed with the concept of ‘value’ when it’s about sports betting and don’t aim at getting the best odds.

Here’s an example. In a soccer match between Spain and Scotland, many bettors would think of betting on Spain because they think that Scotland has no hopes. However, this should not be your attitude. Even betting on Scotland can be great. Suppose, you could get 50/1 on the win of Scotland, would that be a good bet for you? And what about 1000/1? You would, of course, probably place a small bet on Scotland then, since the odds indicate better value. Every game has odds indicating the real chance of what would happen and if you are able to get better odds than this, you can make a bet that will bring you money in due course. In this example, you might expect Scotland to win over Spain maybe once out of 10, which means you get odds higher than 9/1 and in that case, you must make the bet.

The idea of placing a bet representing good value and not just betting on a team which you ‘think’ better is one of the toughest concepts to accept for amateur sports gamblers.

Good Value Bets

Once you come to know that you should find bets representing value, how would you proceed to find them? The first step in this is to transform the odds offered into implied probability. For example, if the bet offered is 2/1, just put the denominator over the sum of numerator and denominator, and convert it to a percentage, and you get the implied probability. Thus, 7/4 would convert to 4/11 = 36.3%.

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