Top 5 Tips to Improve Your Chances of Winning Powerball

There may be hardly anyone who has not dreamed of winning the Powerball. While most of us, neither I nor anyone around me, can see the dream coming true, some people, on a Saturday night, do actually win $700 million Powerball! So, are there any ways to improve your chances of winning Powerball? Yes, there are!

1. Think Beyond Birthdays

If you select always your birth date and month, like most other people, you are reducing your winning chances to less than half of the available numbers, 1 to 31. Another fact about bigger numbers which is equally important is that if you choose birthday and anniversary, the pot is split among 20-40 people, whereas if the numbers are spread through the entire track, you will either be the sole winner or split the pot only 1-2 people.

2. Never Use the “Quick-pick” Numbers from the Store’s Computer

While it may seem that every number is equally lucky or unlucky, certain sets of numbers are better than others. You have a different number set every time when you purchase a quick pick; hence your odds will be at their worst always in that specific game, whichever game you play.

3. Be Consistent

You should never skip a drawing in a game you play. Play every Saturday, every Wednesday and every week.

4. Never Keep Changing the Numbers

After you determine certain numbers to play, don’t keep changing them always. If you buy multiple cards, make use of a different number set. Keep in mind that a number set wins the grand prize, an individual number doesn’t. It’s fine to repeat one or two numbers, but let each number set be different so as to increase your odds.

5. Find out the Odds, but Understand Your Limits

Your chance of winning will be higher with 100 cards than with 10 cards. But you should remember to play only what is affordable to you to lose. This is not a standard investment like a stock or an IRA. You should always set a budget and keep it in mind. Spend the amount only you have kept aside for playing and no other like grocery or energy bill. Focus on only what you can afford and not your friend or neighbor.

Follow these rules and you may be the next winner of the Grand Prize!