Top 5 Strategies Every New Bettor Should Use to Make a Good Start of Sports Betting

You might have seen and heard about people who profit from sports betting. You too wish to become like them, but don’t know where to start. Doubtlessly, it’s a confusing process to find really honest sportsbooks from an endless array of touts guaranteeing impractical winning percentages.

But aspiring bettors don’t have to worry because there is a lot they can do while starting sports betting and slowly become a pro. Here are a few strategies.

1. Registering at Multiple Bookmakers

While beginning sports betting, you should have access to minimum three bookmakers: one square, one sharp and one reduced juice.

Square bookmakers mean oddsmakers serving casual bettors. They usually have quite low limits and since beginner bettors tend to bet favorites and overs, typically provide awesome lines for unders and underdogs. Such sportsbooks are often ½-point or more off the market average.

Sharp bookmakers usually take the highest limits on games. Some of them will typically take 6-figure bets while the NFL season goes on. They often have the best lines on overs and favorites.

Reduced juice bookmakers are way superior to most other sportsbooks with lines of -105 or -106 for everyday bettors, while most others usually charging a -110 vig on each side. While bettors have to win 52.38% of their wagers to break even with regular (-110) juice, that percentage reduces to 51.22% when the juice is -105.

By registering at multiple bookmakers and always looking for the best line, you can increase your long term profits by 1-2%. This may not seem very great to new bettors, but such a small difference can usually be the difference between a losing and a winning season.

2. Which Bookmaker Should You Choose?

You should read reliable bookmakers reviews and experts’ analysis to find which books are trustworthy, provide great signup bonuses and whose cash out policies are convenient.

3. Betting against the Public

When it comes to betting methods, betting against the public is one of the most popular one among seasoned bettors. You just have to remember a simple thing: whichever team the public is betting on, just bet on the other team.

While oddsmakers are not always after having 50% of the money on either side, they are more interested to reduce the risk. If majority of public bettors are betting on team A (-7), bookmakers are likely to adjust team B to +7.5 to +8 to induce more action. Such a line movement is totally artificial, enabling opportunistic bettors to attain an extra ½-1 point merely based on uninformed or “square” bettors. This is especially true in highly popular sports like basketball and football.

4. Contradicting Moves – How to Deal with Them?

Placing too many bets is one of the most commonly made mistakes by new bettors. It’s essential to understand that there is not a sharp side necessarily in every game. It’s also essential to learn managing contradicting moves. Situations may arise when you have a reverse line move on one side and a steam move on the other. Rather than trying to figure out which side is stronger, often laying off and avoiding placing a bet is actually a sharp move.

5. Be Cautious while Cashing Out

Once you build a significant bankroll using these strategies, there will be a time to cash out. Here you have to look for certain things, such as:

  • Several bookmakers will charge a service fee while you cash out or may offer free cash out once a month. You should check their terms and conditions, and bookmakers reviews before cashing out.
  • Most bookmakers may also require a lot of documentation before cashing out. So, make sure you are ready with id proofs, pin numbers or bank info etc.

Use these strategies and make a good start. Happy sports betting!