Tips to Get Better at Daily Fantasy Sports

Most people who play daily fantasy, do not lack in sports knowledge. In fact, they are fairly well in that. The things they lack in are understanding volatility and risk management. Here are some tips by pros on how to win at daily fantasy. But before that there is important news: The Daily Fantasy Sports Expo is going to be held on August 6-7, 2015 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. It’s the only event covering the business of daily fantasy sports (DFS). Its one of the fastest growing internet businesses and the fastest in the gaming market. The event has CEOs of DFS sites attending. It’s no secret that PokerStars is getting into the business as well. If you wanted to get into the fantasy sports business, this is the place to be. Rates go up as the event gets closer. I strongly recommend you book your seat there now.

Keep an Eye on Candidate Moves

First enlist all possibilities that can take place. But don’t go intensely in any of them. Next, begin to look a bit deeper down each of them and see which alternatives you can eliminate quickly. This strategy saves your time and mental energy.

Read daily fantasy books by pros because they help you streamline the process of research on daily fantasy and their lineup creation. It’s very important to find out which of the aspects of daily fantasy research are the most important, and then devote your time to them so that you can get the highest return on your time.

Beware of Taking Too Many Risks

It’s agreed that the real charm of gambling is in taking risk. But if you take too many of them, you lose always.

Daily fantasy football is actually all concerned about risk management. Risk-taking is not bad in itself, but what is important is to maintain a positive anticipated value.

For example, if you were to give me 3-to-1 odds on the roll of a die, that might be a risk that you might not wish to take, because the chance of rolling a particular number is only 1 in 6. So, you would have a negative anticipated value. If you were to give me 10-to-1 on my money, however, you must take that bet, although the risk is exactly similar.

In short, it’s advisable to take too many risks, but also remember not to be scared of embracing the volatility when it’s correct.

Keep Looking for Shortcuts

Every situation in life and every game has shortcuts, i.e. ways you can do better without learning the game’s whole literature from start to end.

If you read the interviews of the best daily fantasy players, you will notice that one of the coolest features they share in common is learning various heuristics they apply to make wise decisions while creating their lineups.

Players of all skill levels can use heuristics that are shortcuts that can be utilized to improve your chances of winning when you are unsure about when to side with the rule’s exception.

Always Play People who are Better than You

This teaches you a lot. Remember that losing is not a failure. And also remember that you learn more when you lose than you win. Losing offers you a treasure of insights on how you can be better.

Play people who are better than you, but play cheaply. Enter only $1 and $2 games of 50/50 because they offer you a full lot of lineups for a low price. Study the best players’ lineups and what is equally important is to analyzing the losing lineups.

Not much can be garnered from an individual lineup, but keep on assessing various types of lineups to see what they constantly share in common, how often do winning lineups place a particular position in the flex in comparison with a poor lineup, etc.

If You are Prepared, Luck Favors You

Whenever you blame you are luck, you (don’t mind) are an idiot! Learn to analyze the realty. You need not just try to feel better. It’s a poplar saying in chess “Only good player is lucky” This is true for every aspect of life. Experts say if you know that you will succeed in only 10% of things, try 100 things.

The daily fantasy sports are great because they have the power to make anything overnight and actually anyone can win. As you go on playing, you will realize in the long run, that there is nothing really as luck. The winners are those who are prepared, and those who lose are unprepared.

The above saying has a direct influence on the tournament policy. If you are in an attempt of building a bankroll and desire fast growth with large tournament cash, it is sensible to fire as several bullets are possible, i.e. play many lineups rather than using a single lineup and placing most of your cash on one lineup. Remember that 5 entries to $10 are better than one at $50.

Study History

There is a history to every game and every industry, the history of winning business models and winning people, and their styles. If you are not willing to master the history, you will never master it.

In daily fantasy, history is the data. They contain the best strategies in daily fantasies that were actually winning.

Mastering Your Psychology

Look at everything as an experiment. You know that all experiments have problems. Constantly attempt to get better in solving difficult problems.

When you can’t succeed in something, try to do it better by 5% next time, and there is always a next time!

Daily fantasy sports are unique in that the gap between a pro and an average player might not be as big as you think. Plenty of people know sports and some of them are indeed good at particular areas of the game; but it’s an accumulation of small edges that adds up to one large edge for the best players.

The Daily Fantasy Sports Expo to be held on 6-7 August is going to focus on technology, management and marketing for this huge industry. Fantasy sports industry has grown to become a multiple-dollar industry since 2006. The Expo will have plenty of time for business networkings along with informative sessions on the management and operations of an online daily fantasy sports site. So, this is going to be your chance to learn a lot about the great field called daily fantasy sports.