Tips to Become a Weekly Top Accumulator Winner

According to professional punters in the US, accumulators are working devils and there is some amount of truth in the assumption. There is a problem that we all know that getting one prediction right is extremely difficult and chances of success are significantly reduced with every coming event. Professional punters avoid accumulators but laypeople want big wins and without a huge stake, and only accumulators offer a chance for this. Here are some tips for becoming one of the weekly top Accumulator winners.

How Long it Should Be?

One of the biggest problems with the Accumulators is that the longer they become, the more chances are there for the result to go wrong and you may suffer huge loss. As a golden rule, four should be the maximum amount to be included in an accumulator. If you think that five or six will increase your chances to win, remember that there is a lot of risk associated to it. Four gives least amount of links while still providing scope for a decent return. If you do well with four, you may want to try five. But if you haven’t achieved much success with four, then three may be the best alternative for you.

Real Chances

Real chances are an area where most people fail to create their accumulator. Remember that without having a real idea about how much are their chances of success, if they go on piling extra links in the chain, they reduce the chances to win. So, how to work it out? Simple! The possibilities of events are generally displayed in form of percentage and working out many events is just a case of multiplying the chances together. E.g. you are placing a double on two teams who you think have 50% chances to win. You can just take the first percentage as a decimal, i.e. 50% is 0.50 and multiply it by 0.50 giving you 25% or 0.25.


Combinations are the number of possibilities and permutations are one of those possible ways. Permutations-combinations are often confused with Accumulators and while they are quite different, they should both make a part of your betting ensemble. Here full cover and partial cover should be considered.

Full Cover: Put simply, full cover is every possibility covered so as to get the correct result. E.g. you have got the correct result in six games, but you want to cover only four team accumulators (as suggested earlier). In that case, you can cover each possible four-fold combination and that comes to 15 different ways. If you get 4 right results, you will certainly get a winning accumulator – 5 correct and if you get 6 correct you will have 15 right accumulators.

Partial Cover: Partial cover options are many but a preferable one is where you can select more than one event in one single competition. This normally comes under “win or draw” area in football, where you cover both alternatives effectively.

Hopefully these tips will increase your chances of success in Accumulator. Happy betting!