Sports Betting in Indonesia – Basic Facts

While starting sports betting in Indonesia, you have to remember that although there are several European bookmakers available, using Asian bookies has some distinct advantages.

Asian bookies too offer betting on renowned European leagues such as UEFA Champions League, Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga and English Premier League. In addition, they also offer Asian football including Indonesian Premier League (Liga Prima Indonesia) and Indonesia Super League (Liga Super Indonesia). Their Asian handicaps (hang cheng betting odds) too tend to be the best. Moreover, they offer accounts in rupiah and support the Indonesian odds format. Despite all these benefits of Asian bookies, several good reasons exist for using European bookies too rather than Asian bookies. Your agen bola 99 (ball agent 99) can advise you better on whether to use Asian or European bookie.

European Betting Sites

European betting sites offer more bonuses and better odds due to which many Indonesian players are attracted towards them. Famous bookies support Indonesian rupiah (IDR) too despite being licensed in Europe and popularized in the UK. Indonesian players can open an account that supports USD and can claim a 100% bonus of up to $200 on instant cash deposit. $200 is around 1,890.00 IDR which is a very big bonus. But for using these sites, you should know how to deal with ISP blocks and even how to deposit, since most of them don’t support Indonesian banking methods.

How to Deposit?

For online sports betting, you have to deposit money, which is known as posting up. The bookie will operate on post up and allow you to bet on whatever amount is your account. When you place a bet, that amount is taken out from your post up balance. Nothing else happens if you lose the bet. If you win the bet, the stake plus your winning are added to your account balance.

If you use an Asian bookie and if you have an account with Bank Central Asia (BCA), you can make an instant deposit using online banking. But if you are dealing with a European bookie, most of them don’t accept Indonesian banking methods; so, you’ll have to use an e-wallet.

Getting Paid

Before using any online bookie, find what payout options they offer. When you want to remove money from your account, you’ll have to approach their cashier and request for payout.

Due to the strict Indonesian laws against gambling, it’s essential to play using a reliable VPN and deposit and withdraw with a reputable e-wallet.