Great news!

Now on web you can find a new kind of casino, an evolution of casinos, one of the newest platforms that gives percentage of winning much higher than the casino. The platforms are called “social gambling platforms”.

What is a social gambling platform? A social gambling platform is very similar to a casino, it’s a website with various gambling games where you can play, but – differently to a casino, the percentage of winning depend on how many people play on that specific website. More people play – higher % of winning you get.

Usually, on a casino, there no matter the number of players, casino takes a percentage as fee and your percentage of winning depends on how are you playing (how much you bet into a roulette or how much money you set per single spin into a slot).

social gambling platform

Any example or advice where to play? Yes, we advise you to play on one of the most famous 2019 social gambling platforms which is NesQBet Platform, official website:

Why a social gambling platform is better than a casino? I’ll reply with 3 reasons:

1. Percentage of winning is definitely much HIGHER, so you are going to win much more than into usual casino. The casino house edge usually is about 10-30% of the money people bet, so every €100 people bet – casino get an income of 10-30 EUR, but these new gambling platforms takes ONLY 1-2% as house edge.
2. NO FEES for deposit or withdraw. You can deposit as much as you want and withdraw all your winnings without any fees applied to that.
3. NO DOCUMENTS needed to send for withdrawing your winnings. Exactly! Now you can get 100% privacy protection and are not anymore forced to send any documentation for using the social gambling platform or for withdrawing the money you’re winning

What are you waiting for? Try it right NOW and let me know into comments what is your first impression about this new innovative type of casino.