Soccer Betting – Guides and Tips

Soccer or European football is probably the most popular sport around the globe. If you bet on it, there’s a chance you’ll win a lot of cash. However, it can cost you significantly if you don’t do it carefully. No matter if you’re betting online or at a casino, make sure your money is secure and safe, so deal with reputable venues only. Before placing a bet, it’s important to learn about the logic of probabilities, odds, as well as the trends of this entertaining game. And, of course, like in any other betting field, it’s crucial to know when to stop. With a big help from “Top betting tips”, we are happy to share soccer betting tips and tricks with you. 

Know Where to Bet

No matter if you’re betting at a live casino or on a betting website, it’s wise to choose a reputable bookmaker. Both the website or venue need to have their licenses in order and excellent customer service should be offered. If you’re betting online, the website you select should be secure and they should accept various payment methods, including the one you prefer. Before placing your bet, talk to other people who bet about their betting experiences at certain locations/websites or look for recommendations online.

If you’re from the United States, you’re surely aware that betting on sports in illegal in your country, with Las Vegas as an exception. So, if you’d like to bet on soccer, you have to go to Las Vegas to casinos offering sports betting. Luckily, many casinos there offer betting on sports, so you won’t have difficulties finding the right one. Our tip is to select a casino that offers drinks and big screen TVs to watch the games you have bet on. Hiring a proxy to bet instead of you in Las Vegas is illegal, though.

Bettors who live nowhere near sports-betting venues usually bet online. In fact, for most people online betting is more convenient. Once you find reputable online bookies (websites which take bets on sports), sign up and don’t forget to put currency in the account. Although online sport betting is questionably legal, we don’t know anyone who’s been charged with a crime for betting on soccer online. Just to be on the safe side, check with the local requirements to be sure you are allowed to gamble online.

Maximize Chances to Win 

ourtipswinkc01aa00aSome people who bet on sports aren’t real sports fans, but gamblers who see sports betting as just another way to win some money. Nevertheless, it’s highly recommended to have information on the teams and players, as well as to know about game trends before you bet on certain game. Reading soccer news might help you identify a matchup that favors one team or another. For instance, if a team that loses frequently is going up against an undefeated team, it would be highly recommended to bet on the latter. Betting against the favored side, though, leads to yielding big rewards in case they win the game. If you are a novice bettor, consider running an online search for “soccer betting tips” to help you get started (and win some money, too). We highly recommend “Top betting tips”.

When it comes to the odds, you should understand them before you place any bet. In general, they are calculations which determine how much a better can earn from a given bet. Typically, odds are presented as a number which you’ll multiply by the total bet to calculate the winnings. For example, if you bet $20 on a soccer game with odd of 1.5 in favor of FC Bayern Munich, if this team wins, you will get $30 (1.5*$20=$30). “Odds on” wagers are really easy to win, but the amount you could win is less than what you stake in the first place. “Odds against” wagers, on the other hand, mean you are able to win more than what you bet; “odds against” are more difficult to win, but offer greater payout. Every bookmaker has different odds, so it’s wise to check several bookies to find the best odds before betting on a particular game.

Odds can also be represented with moneylines; these are a given number in the thousands or hundreds, with a minus or a plus. A positive moneyline odds number represents money you can earn on an $100 bet (plus you get the initial betting unit back). So, if you’re betting $100 on a team with +100 moneyline odds, you will get $200 back ($100 (initial bet)+$100(moneyline odds value)=$200). A negative moneyline odds value indicates the amount of money you need to invest before you earn $100.

Outcome probabilities represent what the chances are for something to happen. In general, a lower odds value means the team you’d like to bet on has higher chances of winning. A high odds value, logically, indicates that this team isn’t favored and will likely lose. Probabilities, however, cannot guarantee an outcome, but they can give you some guidelines. In any case, avoid betting on a team whose probability to win is below 50%.

When Placing Your Bet

If you’ve chosen your game and team, it’s time to place your bet. First of all, you should make a decision on your bankroll or how much you can spend on betting for certain period of time (day/week/month). Try to make a wise decision and think about the amount of money you wouldn’t mind throwing away, since you cannot be certain you’ll win that bet, can you? Once you’ve made that decision, you need to determine the maximum amount you will place per bet, so called betting unit size. In general, it’s never recommended to place your entire bankroll on a single bet.

In case you’re winning, it’s important not to get carried away; cash out and come back later. For example, you could make a decision to quit and cash out once you win $200. Also, if you lose more than $100 on a given day, you should quit and come back tomorrow. Gambling is addictive and, if you want to enjoy it for a longer period of time, you need to set yourself some limitations. If, however, you think you’re experiencing a problem with betting, don’t hesitate on calling for help.