Slots: The Hunter – Play and Earn wherever You are!

Today’s technology has made it possible to earn while you are traveling. You may guess from this sentence that I am talking about some legitimate work which you can do while on the go. But no! I am talking about a casino which you can play anytime, anywhere and earn big money! This is the casino app, SLOTS: The Hunters by NuriGames Inc., available on Android as well as iTunes.

Slots: The Hunters has made it possible for you to experience the best social Vegas Casino Video Slot, without you having to go to Vegas! Now you can enjoy playing it on your Android or iOS device.

If you are bored with the same game play slot appearing to have various themes, SLOTS: The Hunter is a perfect app for you.

The enchanting journey starts from pub to forest and then further to dungeon. Enjoy a drink in the pub with your friends, then help your friends to hunt monsters in the forest and then encounter with a giant monster hiding inside the cave. As you level, you get themes unlocked and with them you can hunt more powerful enemies. Head on to an adventure!

hunt goblins

By playing slot games you can win symbols with which you can cause serious damage to monsters and make use of special skills. Here you can enjoy the thrill of checking the power of your luck, because your luck should favor you to match the symbols.

bonus games for themes

Pub: You can discuss with other players about benefits

Goblin’s Forest: If you hunt goblins before you, you will get benefits. You can share the bonus with other players.

Dungeon and Monsters: Yours and your co-players’ common enemy is the hidden monsters. So, cooperate with your fellow players to defeat the enemy and get still bigger award.

boss monster

So, what are you waiting for? Download the app now from Google Play or iTunes and start playing and earning wherever you are!