Slot machines have always been a great target

Slot machines have always been a great target

…at least for politicians to point out the eil in the world. The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has recently released new slots restriction in order to make the environment of online casino games safer and less intrusive. Many Canadian players who regularly gamble online at the casinos licensed by UKGC are to be affected. The slot restrictions are soon to be spread across other different commissions.

The new slot restrictions have been introduced as a limitation placed on the speed of the reel spins. It will also ban various features that celebrate the players’ losses as wins and enhance the gameplay. Operators need to clearly feature total wins and losses to the players. The new set of rules came to the forefront by 31st October 2021.

Up to 70% of the Casino Games can be Affected by the New Slots Restrictions

According to Spincastle, the new restrictions are in accord with the UK online slot games and they are witnessing increasing popularity among the concerned gamblers. Usually, slots account for approximately 70% of the online casino games and most of the players lose at this game. They have estimated that in 2019, the players of the United Kingdom spent around £2.2bn on UK slots.

The UKGC has cracked down on the terminals of fixed odds betting where the customers can play casino games in the stores. They are now setting their eyes to bring these restrictions online by targeting slot games. The restrictions are predicted to help the players waste less amount of money and diminish the addictive power of casinos. Also, the restrictions emphasise removing some of the features in order to impart more control to the players. They will feel safer from the risks associated with the increased intensity of the games and binge play.

According to some of the gamblers believe that the introduction of slot restrictions will help to offer greater protection to the players and reduce the threats of gambling-related adversities. However, not everyone aligns with this thought and many don’t favour the new regulations. Some of the British MPs have gone to the extent of criticising the commission, mentioning that they are not sufficiently equipped to take such a major decision. The restrictions imposed on the slot games will invariably influence the software providers as they have to limit integrating various features into the games.

New Online Gambling Restrictions to Appear on the Way

Soon, a ban may be imposed on the gambling companies that used to sponsor outfits for darts and football players. This is so far an unpopular decision as the sporting authorities mostly rely on the income of such sponsorships.

The UK Gambling Commission is further releasing a ban on the matter of reverse withdrawals. A reverse withdrawal is a feature that allows the players to reverse their decision to withdraw winnings and instead, use it to play more. The commission holds that the reverse withdrawals have a risk of alluring the players to continue gambling and in turn, lose more money.

In the earlier year, the UK Gambling Commission increased the age limit for the gamblers who intended to play at the National Lottery. Further, they have also banned the usage of credit cards for depositing funds in the accounts of online casinos.

The sole aim of all these regulations is to promote a healthy, safe and responsible environment in the sphere of gambling. We wonder whether the measures can actually ensure that. It’s undeniable that the new restrictions have elements that can unwittingly remove the entertainment value of online gambling. So, what’s your take on this? Feel free to share with us.