Single Bets or Combo Bets – Which One is Better?

All bettors face the dilemma at some or the other point during their betting life of whether they will be more profited by single bets or combos. To get better knowledge of these two different kinds of bets and solve this problem, it’s necessary to compare both of them.

Why Single Bets are the Best

Single bets are the keystones of sport betting and are recommendable for those who want to place a large amount of money and also are ready to devote additional time to get all the available information. Bookmakers usually are doing efforts to underrate teams but still they are bound to provide tempting odds. All in all, single bets are the best for bettors who are blessed with a sizeable bankroll and have enough patience to wait till an opportunity comes rather than keeping placing wagers.

Some of the land-based bookies don’t allow single bets and then bettors have no other option than to combine multiple events on their sports betting slip. Actually this is quite risky and not recommended, because there are high chances to miss at least one match. Therefore online bookmakers are the best for this purpose, as they give better odds and have a wider variety of sports, and of course, they don’t put a restraint as to the number of events you need on a sports betting slip.

Avoid the Temptation of Combo Bets

Of course, the temptation of maximizing the profit by combining two or more single bets is irresistible; however, there are chances of freak results and you may have to undergo a huge frustration because of a shocking result. Many a times, odds are just too low for a single bet which may develop a tendency to combine multiple matches and this is a grave mistake most bettors make.

Instead of giving your valuable time in finding more events with low odds, it’s smarter to take a keen look and consider your position again about that match, considering the absolute value of those odds. Still, if you get a positive conclusion and a particular event seems safe, placing a higher wager rather than combining it with others is a correct move.

Online bookies are very eager to have several customers ready to invest money in combo bets with a hope to win more money within shorter times, since the chances of winning a combo bet are reduced with each event added to the betting slip. On the other hand, any reputable tipster that is aware of this business will advise against the combo method and recommend always to bet on singles.

The bottom line is that if you want to take sports betting more seriously than merely careless gambling, single bets are the right option. is a sports betting site (bahis siteleri in Turkish) that offers great sports betting tips. Visit this site to get correct guidance.