Playing Dominoes – Interesting Facts and Tips

If you’ve recently heard of the game of dominoes and have got interested in playing it, you can play it online with either play money or real money. While some websites offer games with only play money, some others offer with both, play and real money. Let’s understand some rules and strategies of playing dominoes.

Block Games

While playing dominoes on websites like, you should know that block games are the most basic forms of dominoes and also the most popular. It’s normally played between two players, but more players can also participate. Game should be begun with all 28 tiles face down and players should randomly choose seven. The remaining 21 tiles should be put aside and are not to be used for the rest of the game.

In block games, if a player can’t play a tile, they should pass their turn to the next player. If all the players can’t play a tile, the game is over which is called a block. Otherwise the game continues until one player gets rid of all their tiles and declares “Dominoe”. This player scores 1 point for each pip (dot) on tiles left in their opponents’ hand. If the game ends in a block, it means that both players still have tiles. In that case, players add up their score and the player with the least number of pips gets points equal to the difference between both totals.


Draw Games

Just as in block games, in draw games too seven tiles are to be selected by two players. If there are more players, this number is lowered. However, in draw dominoes other tiles are not put aside, but are pushed to the side face down in what is known as the Bone Yard.

Gameplay and scoring are almost same as block dominoes; but one major difference is that when you can’t play a tile, instead of passing you should draw another tile from the Bone Yard. Still, if you can’t play a tile, you should continue to draw. If all tiles are finished but still you can’t play, you should pass to the next player.


The game of dominoes is to be played skillfully. While there is no need to go very deep, some strong yet simple tips can help you get started on a great website like

Get Rid of Higher Value Tiles and Doubles Early

If you’re left with higher value tiles and if you lose the game, you’ll have to add up more number of pips to the opponent’s score. Therefore you should get rid of higher value tiles as soon as possible.

In case of doubles, they are harder to play since you can play them on one number. Thus, a 6-6 can be played only on a 6, whereas a 6-4 can be played on a 6 or a 4. Hence you should get rid of them too.

playing dominoes

Keep an Eye on When Your Opponent Passes or Draws

When your opponent draws or passes, you know that they don’t have any of the numbers showing in their hand. You can then figure out what tiles they’re holding and can start playing your tiles strategically to compel them to have to pass or draw upon their turn.

Have as Much Variety as You Can

This can be a bit harder and a bit less important than the above strategies; still it’s good to master it. Having as many pip numbers as you can in your hand will help you avoid passing or drawing. While getting rid of tiles, make it as evenly as you can to maintain your variety. However, don’t do this at the cost of the above tips.

Understand the rules and follow these tips and you’ll enjoy the game of dominoes. All the best!