Online Lottery – Hone Your Skills and You may Become a Millionaire

The system of lottery has attracted mankind since the 16th century when the first lottery offered cash prizes in Florence, Italy, as Lotto de Firenze. This name and the game was so popularized that it’s going on till today. Technological advancements entered in the field of Lotto too, as they did in all other fields of life, and online lottery came into existence. There are no definite rules of winning a lottery. But there are some rules which you can implement and maybe you become a millionaire! Let’s take a brief overview of this system that has created big dreams since centuries.

Types of Lotteries

Thought people may give many attractive names to lotteries that they pretend to invent newly, the basic types remain the same. They are Little Lotto and Lotto, Dailies, Instant Games and Multi-State Games. Of these, the Instant Games feature scratch card tickets, while the others are to be played online with tickets generated by computer.


Lotto features six numbers that are drawn from an array of numbers. To play Lotto, you have to indicate the six numbers you choose by marking them on a play slip and take your slip to a lottery agent or retailer. You can get lottery agents in grocery stores, convenience stores or gas stations. The agent enters the numbers you have selected on the online terminal, which generates your Lotto game ticket. You will have to produce this ticket and not the play slip in case you win. Before you leave the retailer (or agent), always make sure that the game ticket has correct date and numbers.

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How are the numbers drawn? The lottery officials make use of special ball-drawing machines and balls that are numbered. Six chosen balls are shot randomly by the machine and these drawn balls display the winning numbers for that evening. If these match with all the numbers you selected, you win a jackpot. A good feature of Lotto is the numbers need not be in the exactly same order. If there are more than two winners, the prize is split between them. If there is no winner, the prize rolls over making the jackpot more and more large. No wonder, increasing number of players get attracted to the jackpot as it goes on getting bigger.

Little Lotto

There are better odds in Little Lotto games and they are played more often. The method of playing is same as that of Lotto, except that playing fields and the number of balls are generally lower. You have to select five numbers and mark them in your play slip. Take your ticket generated online from a retailer or agent. The officials draw balls in the same way as Lotto, only difference here is lower number of balls, usually five. If they are same as your selected numbers, you are a winner of the Little Lotto jackpot. Also, just like Lotto, the numbers need not be in the same order.


Dailies are the games that are played daily. At some places, you can even play two times a day for six days in a week and once on Sundays. Numbers to be selected here are generally 3-digit or 4-digit from 000 to 999 or 0000 to 9999 respectively.

Multi-state Games

These are played in individual states. Sometimes two or more states join together to offer bigger jackpots.


Instant Games

Instant Games are also known as “scratch-off” games. You don’t have to pick numbers and can purchase at any time. Instant Games are popular for a number of reasons. Firstly they are colorful and fun. Secondly there is no hassle of picking numbers and generate tickets by filling play slip. And above all, there is no waiting involved! You just have to scratch off the spots. However, barring some incidents, the top prizes of Instant Games are usually much lower than Lotto jackpots.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks are great for persons who don’t have time to select numbers. You can play with number generated randomly by computer. You just have to tell the clerk to give a Quick Pick and the machine issues a ticket featuring randomly produced numbers.


Here are some do’s and don’ts while playing lottery, tips on setting a budge for lottery and fine tune your skills of playing.

Precautions: As far as possible, buy your own tickets. Don’t do it through friends or neighbors, and you too don’t pick numbers for others. Play on your own money, and not on loans or borrowed money. These precautions are to be taken because if you or your friend wins a jackpot, a tricky situation may arise on whose the big prize exactly is – the one who wanted to play, but played on borrowed money, or the one who lent the money. In any situation, the other may sue the winner and take the matter to the court claiming the big money!


Smart Playing: If you are playing for a long time, you might have heard a general advice often – don’t play popular numbers! What is the reason behind this? Some particular combinations or groups of numbers are played by numerous (hundreds or even thousands) of people on any given evening. So, what’s the big deal? It’s because if you played 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 and those numbers are drawn, the prize will be split in thousands and you could end up in winning even less than an Instant Game prize! What are popular groups or combinations? A popular combination is a series of multiples of 5, like 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30. Another popular combination is of multiples of 7, because that number is considered lucky.

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Set a Budget: There are as many beliefs about lottery budget as there are about the playing strategies. Some believe that when you are on a winning streak, you should go on playing. You will be tempted to do that and it may also be true that some periods in our life are better than the rest. But many people take it in a wrong way. They invest a little on one type of lottery and win. Then they go on investing a little more on another type of lottery. At some stage they end up in losing. This is the time, when they actually win a little over their original investment. This should not be the case. Instead, you should set a definite budget for playing monthly.

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