Mooojo – It’s Going to Make You Rich!

While lotteries depend largely on luck, they are one of the most profitable types of gambling, as proved in the history. People have won and are winning huge prizes on lotteries. Here’s Mooojo, perhaps the most lucrative lottery you might have ever played. This is an online lotto game, and guess what – it’s FREE!

What is Mooojo?

Mooojo is a FREE lotto which you can play online anytime, anywhere; the more you play, the luckier you can be! It’s available on Android as well as iPhone. On Android, you can cash out your winnings through Amazon gift cards, whereas on iPhone you can get real cash! The name Mooojo has derived from the African talisman named mojo worn around neck to ward off evils and bring luck to the wearer. Mooojo does the same to you – brings you luck, that’s why the name!

Guaranteed Jackpot

The beauty of Mooojo is it presents a guaranteed jackpot and can you imagine the value? It’s $150,000!

But you can win even before that from 2 of your numbers that match the winning numbers. The winning numbers are in conjunction with the draw of the National German Lottery on Saturday.

Extra Bonus for Every Entry Made by Teams

You can benefit from Mooojo even more if you set up your team; whenever your team will make an extra entry, you will get an extra bonus entry! So, you get more chances of winning! Isn’t it fabulous? You can join an already existing team too. Or you can team up with an existing member by responding to her/his invite. And you can start building a team on your own. This is easy to do – just click the Friends icon in the app and send yourself an email invite. Watch the image – it’s the invite of Alicia! You can send such invites too.

How to Play?

Playing Mooojo is super easy! You have to choose 6 numbers from 49 and 1 from 10. Win cash from 2 of your numbers that would match the winning numbers.

Visit Mooojo’s Facebook page too.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want your luck to shine and bring you a shower of money, download the app and start playing Mooojo; it’s FREE! Play individually or make a team and get even more profit with your friends. Enjoy winning alone or together – after all, it’s going to make you rich!