Matched Betting – A Risk-free Way to Get Profited from Online Betting

For those who wish to earn money through betting, but either are scared of the loss that they may incur or have actually incurred losses repeatedly, matched betting is a very good way that is free of risk of loss. Several people are making legitimate money through this and it’s a perfect way to synchronize with the betting system in the UK as bookmakers have no problem with it. Since the British Authorities don’t consider matched betting as a betting activity, the money earned is not taxed.

How to Start?

To begin matched betting, you first need to open an account with a bookmaker for getting an access to free bets that are slightly favorable to a betting exchange. This has to counterbalance the loss that can be persistent at the bookmaker.

  • Bookmakers need to include terms regarding who will first place a bet to get qualified for “free bets”. For this reason, the bet is placed on various results that come with the bookmaker. The next bet is placed on these results that don’t come with the same betting exchange.
  • The latter is required to offset potential oncoming losses. The process repeats as the free bet qualifies. The only difference is that a free bet is used in it. Whatever may be the result, there is a guaranteed profit since the bet was free.

Two Types of Bets

Although you don’t need to know everything in the matched betting, you should know that there are two types of betting.

1. Back Bet

Back bet is betting on an outcome that you desire to be right. E.g. if you bet on the winning of the UK, it’s a back bet because if it is right, you win. If UK loses or there is a draw, you’ll lose. You can play such a bet at any bookmaker.

2. Lay Bet

This is betting on an unavoidable outcome that you want to be right. E.g. if you bet on the defeat of UK, it’s a lay bet. If UK loses or there is a draw, you’ll win. However, you can place such bets only at certain exchanges.

Matched betting removes the risk on Back Bet at exchanges by placing a bet against you with the same odd. Put simply, you bet to match your bet. Today there are great tools to let you know how much to lay on the exchange to get profited from your free bets. Read this excellent Profit Accumulator review, for example.

You get a free bet by your bookmaker after the qualifying bet. This is where you can make money. You just have to repeat the process by utilizing your free bet to lay it down. Whatever is the result, you are bound to get profited from it. So, are you ready for matched betting?