Interesting Classification of Slots on Various Criteria

If you are fond of slots, you are not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of slot fans in this world who find it fun to play on this amazing betting machine rather than to dream of a great payout. Slot is indeed an interesting game which not only evokes a desire of winning, but also makes you fall in love with it. Here’s an interesting classification of slot machines based on various criteria.

Variations in the Number of Reels on Slots

Whether a slot machine is virtual or mechanical, it has essentially a set of reels that are seen on the machine’s face. While there are even some oddball machines that have 6 or 7 reels as found in daftar slot joker123 (joker123 slot list), machines with 5 or 6 reels are found in abundance at any casino.


Three-reel slots tend to be more basic in design and their layout was common in the classic versions of the machine from the 1940s. Although they don’t occur in majority, they are still manufactured in a surprisingly high numbers thanks to players who like to have a more organized gaming experience. The machine typically offers limited betting options, due to which they are a perfect choice for a player on a budget.


The advent of virtual slot machines have enabled designers to offer all types of bells and whistles to slot machines and one of these is the addition of reels. By adding only two more reels, more number of paylines are made possible, which increases the level of customer’s enthrallment and enable casinos to rake in more money in the process. Some virtual slots even have expanding reels. Thus they enable the screen to lengthen and thereby increase the number of lines.

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Variations in the Number of Players on Slots

When slots are produced, they involve two ways of designing player participation. These are as follows:


This is the most common type of slot, with each customer playing on their own individual machine. This enables the player to focus on the game and also enjoy a kind of privacy.


This is a new kind of video slot which is becoming increasingly popular in recent years. There is a large screen in this slot before which seats are located in a series and smaller screens are present for the game’s regular phases. However, during certain bonus rounds, all players take part at the same time on the larger video screen.

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Licensed and Unlicensed

When a slot machine is developed, the developers choose one of the two directions, which include:


In this type, the slot incorporates components of a licensed property like a film or TV show. In this case, the developer company has to pay a licensing fee to use the names and incidences in the show.


The content of this game is original and doesn’t require any kind of licensing fee or agreement.

When slots are designed, the designer may pick an all-new theme or prefer to pay a licensing fee to used material.

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Variation in Slot Payment

When you win on a slot machine, you can receive the winning amount in two unique ways. They include:

Coin Tray

Money inside the machine is enclosed in a coin hopper and deposited on a coin tray after a big win when the customer presses the “cash out” button.

Hand Tray

This is the payment which the player receives directly from a casino employee. This generally takes place when the size of the win is beyond the amount that the machine is designed to pay out, i.e. to an extent where tax paperwork needs to be completed.

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Player Payment Methods

As you know, slot machines come at a price. The player therefore has to pay for the chance to win extra money and this can be done in one of the two player payment methods.


In older versions of the machines, the player used to insert money into a coin slot (therefore the name slot). In today’s machines like that in daftar slot joker (slot joker list), customers get the alternatives of inserting either paper currency or coins. Currently slots don’t accept debit or credit cards.


Under the TITO (ticket in, ticket out) system, once players win at a slot machine, they get a paper ticket with a barcode. The player can then redeem this ticket for cash at an automated kiosk or a teller window. The player also gets the option of putting this ticket in anther machine and playing with credits that already have been built up.

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Slots Classified on the Basis of Bonus Rounds

When you play a slot machine like in the daftar slot online joker123 (list of joker123 online slots), sometimes the top prize can be activated instantly. However, in most cases, it’s only received after a bonus round. Some machines assure a payout after the activation of a bonus round, whereas others merely provide the opportunity.

These rounds are the outcomes of particular symbol combinations and even skipping a main jackpot can still cause free spins and credits. Here are the most common types of bonus rounds that occur within such games.

Skill-based Game

The player has to use eye-hand coordination to get success in the bonus round, pretty similar to a traditional video game. These are becoming increasingly common and some casinos provide entire games based on this concept.

Spin the Wheel

The player sets a wheel in motion that’s divided into parts representing prizes such as winning free credits or multipliers. The prize depends on where the wheel stops.

Pick to Win

This type of bonus is triggered at random or when you line up a certain number of symbols. It requires players to choose various icons on the display. Each of the icons has an object hidden behind it and if it’s uncovered, the player wins it. The awards may be free spins or even a multiplayer that’s applied to the base game right away.

Pick and Match

This contains a lot of objects hidden behind icons for example treasure chests and the player should match two to win the prize. Certain machines feature symbols indicating different jackpots too; hence this kind of round can be very profitable.

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Did you find this information interesting? So, when are you going to try these different types of slots?