Indonesian Sports Betting – Things You Should Know

Indonesia has been betting on sports since centuries, even predating the Dutch settlement, and arrival of the Chinese and then Muslims. The only thing that differed from the present day sports gambling is that the betting used to be done on traditional sports like kite fighting, boat racing, cockfighting, and tiger vs. buffalo fighting.

Today, with the evolution in sports, Indonesians bet on football (sepak bola), basketball (bola basket), badminton (bulutangkis) and many other sports. Though sports betting is done through foreign bookies, there are reputable sites like situs judi bola 99 (99 football gambling site) which are mainly focused on football gambling.

Online Betting in Indonesia

Firstly you should understand that online bookies work on something called a “post-up basis” which means that they need a deposit and you are able to bet only on the amount available as your account balance. You can withdraw your money, including winnings, any time from your account by approaching the cashier and requesting for a withdrawal. The bookie will then remove your money from your account and send it to your bank account, typically within 48 hours.

Indonesian Odds

While working with Asian bookies, you can choose your desired odds format. Of course, in Indonesia, the Indonesian odds format is the most popular and it’s termed ‘Indo’ in the settings menu. This format expresses the odds in the form of a positive or negative number, as explained below.

Positive Indonesian Odds

When the odds are expressed as positive, it indicates the amount you’ll win for each 1 rupiah wagered. Thus, if the odds are +1.375, you’ll win Rp.1.375 if you bet Rp.1. In this case, you can multiply the amount you want to stake with the odds indicated to know the payout you can get on that bet if the bet wins. You’ll also receive your stake back.

Negative Indonesian Odds

When the odds are shown in a negative value, it indicates the amount you need to bet to win 1 rupiah. For example, if the odds are expressed as -1.375, it means you’ve to risk 1.375 to win Rp.1. Here you can calculate your profit as profit = stake/odds. Thus, for Rp.500,000 at odds -1.375, your profit is 500000/1.375 = 363636.363; so, you get a profit of Rp.363,636 and you’ll also get your Rp.500,000 stake back too.

Thus, if you are planning to start Indonesian sports betting, the above information will be of use to you. Plan your strategy accordingly and ensure your success.