How will You Choose the Best Bookmaker?

If you want to start betting and are wondering where to start, you first start by choosing a good bookmaker. As such, you will find countless number of bookmakers on the internet. So are the various offers related to the bets made with the help of their systems. These situations are definitely going to confuse you regarding which Bookmakers should be trusted to make your first bet. Here are some tips.

Importance of Thorough Survey

Don’t fall for signing up the first bookmaker’s site you see. There are potential dangers in this, like you may have to offer quite lower rate than other places or you may not pay a big win. So, it is important to make a survey which will help you a lot.

Take a Look at Bookmakers’ Sites

When you will visit the site of a bookmaker it is important that you should be able to navigate easily and the interface should be easy. The interface should be such that it will characterize the site, catch and maintain your (the user’s) interest who is browsing through their pages. You better check many things like at what speed the pages are loading, the way of organizing sections and how fast you are able to place your bets. These are some important parameters upon which you can identify whether the bookmaker is good or not. But these simple and basic parameters are often forgotten.

Keep in mind that websites may deceive you. Luckily, with bookmakers’ sites cheating is not very common. Just discover how legit the site is running. Next important thing is to find out whether the process of depositing money is easy or not. Still next thing to find is a match on which you want to bet and also withdraw money from there.

If there are many complications in the orientation of the site, you better move to the next one.

Another important factor is picking up a bookmaker in your language, because that indicates a possibility that he has employees speaking your language. So, these employees can help you anytime whenever you are in a difficult situation, without missing the help just because of the language barrier.

The Odds

Obviously the leading point is to choose the most awesome odds as they are the basic components of placing a bet and of course a potential win. Scrutinizing the offers of every individual bookmaker would take quite long, if each one of them has varying odds. To make your job simple, has prepared a list of carefully chosen bookmakers. Go through it.

Make a Comparison

Today if you start searching bookmakers, you will find all of them attractive, because they make such lucrative offers. It is important that you compare bookmakers and see who is the best. You should also look for the one who is most suitable to you and match your needs.

Free Bets

Most of the bookmakers offer the first deposit for free to their new clients. These free bets can range between £20 and £250. Here too you can compare various bookmakers who have the best on their offer.

Support System

While choosing a bookmaker’s site, the real problem can come in form of support system. It is also difficult to find out. In that case, read their testimonials. Real users can better tell their real experiences with their site.

The support system should be easy to access and you should talk to a real human, rather than a robot. If you don’t examine the support system, you may have to wait for a week to get your query answered. The real good support system is the one which answers immediately.

Frequency of Payouts – Financial Positions

This is another very important point to consider while choosing your bookmaker. Check how the company deals with withdrawals and deposits. The proportion of honest to dishonest companies is 1:4. Make absolutely sure if the financial position of the bookmaker is sound. Let your account be penniless till you confirm about the financial status of the bookmaker.

Types of Bets

You should find a bookmaker who offers all types of bets. Some low-quality bookies do not offer format bets which can earn you a big profit in the future.

Betting Limits

If you are a beginner in the betting field, it’s not usually a problem. There would be only growth in your bankroll and in the beginning you will bet on various matches with an amount that will be relatively small. However you have to find a bookmaker who can handle your moves even within a year or two. If the bookmaker is low quality he tends to withhold money or remove bets of players who gamble a lot.

Betting Odds

This is quite simple yet very important point. You should find a sportsbook that will provide you good rates. For example, if you wish to bet on Chelsea, you will obviously wish to bet with the greatest odds. When Chelsea’s win rate is 1.40 and next course have to be two tenths greater, you need not bet with the worse odds. Finally it will also accumulate a tenth differences and a considerable sum put together.


Several bookmakers give a welcome bonus to newbies. Some bookies also organize various events every now and then, or offer bonus to new punters so that they can play without risk. If you find a bookmaker who offers huge bonuses, you can make a good profit.

One or Multiple Accounts

Several players make a mistake of being loyal to only one bookmaker. Here they are making the mistake of confining themselves and missing better opportunities. E.g. if you open account at 3 different bookmakers who are offering different benefits like opening bonuses, better betting opportunities, etc you can enjoy all of them.

Another big benefit is you can earn the welcome bonuses many times. Several bookmakers offer many other bonuses too. If you open accounts with multiple bookmakers, you can take the benefit of all of them.

So, while choosing a bookmaker keep these things in mind and you will soon become a successful bettor.