How can Halftime/Fulltime Bets be Profitable?

If you have heard of halftime and fulltime betting and wondering what it is, understand that it’s an interesting strategy which has been increasingly popular during last some years. Through this strategy, you can bet on the halftime as well as fulltime results of a sporting event.

How does Halftime/Fulltime Bet Work?

A halftime/fulltime bet is a unique betting type of the usual halftime bet and comes in the category of double bets. There is only one difference and it’s that at these bets you place bet on both the standing at halftime and also the outcome after the fulltime. This kind of betting is very similar to wincast/scorecast betting.

It’s important to note that you can win a halftime/fulltime bet only when you predicted the halftime standing as well as the fulltime outcome correctly. The only precondition of this type of bet is that the event should be interrupted only by a break.

Which Sports are Best for Halftime/Fulltime Bets?

Actually the popularity of this type of betting has been spread out in virtually every sport. As said earlier, as long as the games are divided into at least two periods, you can bet at various sports. So if you are looking for judi game uang asli (genuine gambling cash game), this is the perfect way to play.

While football is on the top of the list of games that are bet upon with this betting, other sports such as American football, rugby or basketball have typically been used for halftime/fulltime bets. A special type comprises of ice-hockey games which are separated into three thirds. However, a few bookmakers provide bets where you can bet on the standings after the first (or second) third combined with the outcome after the full game.

Is Halftime/Fulltime Betting Profitable?

Halftime/fulltime bets are most popular for their general high odds. Bets on a team to lead at halftime but lose at fulltime generally go together with odds between 20 and 30. To play halftime/fulltime bets profitably it’s recommended to specialize on favorite wins. For example, look for games wherein the favorite got the odds of around 1.50 to win. Then place two single bets. In the first you bet on 1/1. As a second bet place an X/1-bet where the halftime standing can be a draw. However in the end the home team wins again. Thus you can obtain the maximum profit out of these bets.

So, are you ready to learn halftime/fulltime bets? All the best!