Fantastic Tips to Make the Most of Your Betting Bonus

You may get excited when you sign up with a bookmaker and receive a deposit bonus. However, unfortunately most bookmakers don’t allow you to withdraw the bonus you get when you sign up with them until you bet the total bonus amount a set number of times and minimum odds.

Therefore it’s a big question how you can get your bonus scommesse (betting bonus) turned to cash. But fortunately, there are ways with which you can try to form a surebet and probably convert your bonus into cash. Here are a few of them.

Turning Your Welcome Bonus to Cash

After receiving your welcome bonus, follow these steps.

Open an Account with a Betting Exchange

What’s the benefit? A betting exchange enables you to act like a bookmaker. This means, not only you are able to place bets yourself, but also you are able to lay bets. It doesn’t matter with which betting exchange you open the account. It’s important to consider the amount you will pay as commission on your exchange bets. Find an exchange with the lowest commission rates.

Place a Bet with Your Bookmaker

Now, you need to place bet with your chosen bookmaker. It’s not really important which sport you choose; but placing one on a leading football league like the Premier League is advisable. This is because you can be quite sure about the ability to lay your bet on your chosen betting exchange, whereas if you choose a doubtful league or tournament, you may not find anyone willing to take your lay bet on the betting exchange, worse even, the league or tournament you choose may not even have markets on the exchange.

Place a Bet Exactly Opposite as That of Your Betting Exchange

An example of this is if you bet with a bookmaker on a Southampton to win a next Premier League match, now you will bet AGAINST Southampton. You can do this with so called lay betting, with which you place a bet with another customer, just as a bookmaker does.

Ensure You Follow the Same Pattern

You should remember two things:

  1. Your Lay Bet with your betting exchange must be as close as possible to the odds of the bookmaker. Anything otherwise is a waste of money.
  2. Your maximum possible loss at your betting exchange must match exactly with the amount you are eligible to profit from the bet you make with your bookmaker.

More Things to Remember

The great feature of this trick is that you are able to save a major portion of the bonus at almost no risk. However, sometimes things may go wrong.

For example, there may be a mistake while entering your bets. So, always double or even triple check that you have made all entries correct. E.g. you can place bets on two betting exchanges and thus invested more money than you wanted.

If the games are cancelled, bookmakers may have different rules for repayments. Hence it’s important to go through all the rules of the bookmakers beforehand so as to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Follow these tricks and you can enjoy your betting venture in a true sense with real money with bonuses other than winnings.