Enjoy Bitcoin Gambling at a Safe, Comfortable and Fun Place

Gambling is popular since ancient times. No wonder, its online version has got even more popularity, being able to offer gambling from the comfort and privacy of one’s own home. 8% of the total gambling business is formed by online gambling. And again in online gambling, bitcoin gambling is gaining popularity and taking its share. Bitcoin gambling has distinct advantages like low cost and fast payments. We will take a look at a fantastic Bitcoin Casino – BetterBets.io and the benefits it offers.

What is Better Bets?

Better Bets is an online Bitcoin Casino launched by a group of digital currency buffs with a goal of providing a safe, fun and classy site to place bets and offer the sort of social experience to the users which they desire, but don’t find at many other gambling sites. The site is working hard to offer their users a variety of games.

Proven Technology

The technology leveraged by Better Bets is provided by MoneyPot.com, a portal which has created industry’s leading security as well as infrastructure solutions to support provably-fair games of chance. Better Bets is happy to build their games with this proven technology and are confident to provide their customers the best betting experience.

What is So Special about Better Bets?

The sole purpose behind the creation of Better Bets is to provide users a first-class experience and ground-breaking betting options. They have some special features like Luck Forging, customized games, raffle tickets offering real-world prizes and a number of other goodies. And this is just a part of it. Future developments which will appear in the coming months are certainly going to amaze gambling enthusiasts.

Provably Fair: All the games of Better Bets are going to be provably fair because of the hashcode engine offered by MoneyPot.com. The benefit of this to the users is they can verify the results to check whether they have been predetermined and without enabling Better Bets to manipulate the results. Thus you are guaranteed to be treated fairly.

Games that are Innovative: At Better Bets you will get a chance to play innovative and secure Bitcoin games in a Bitcoin betting space. They are planning for original content for a long term and wish to deliver new and exciting games regularly in an attempt to stand out in the crowd of other places in this field and offer their users the best possible experience of gambling.


What is Luck Forging?

With Luck Forging, you can basically change the house edge from the regular 1% straightaway down to 0.1%. Once you are fully forged (after placing 1,000 non-zero bets), you will get the indication that the Luck Forging feature is ready to activate. Once you activate it, the feature will last for 20 bets and the amount of bet is limited to the average bet that you have placed during your streak while activating your Luck Forging. A sizable edge over those 20 bets is offered by the lower edge in Luck Forging with which you can make some nice profit.

What is Virtual Raffle Ticket System?

With this system, you can accumulate raffle tickets which you can use in the monthly prize giveaways on the site. An indicator will be seen on the site that will show you how many tickets you have accumulated by then. You will gain a ticket upon every 500 qualified non-zero bets which you can submit for the monthly prize or you can save it for future prizes. The prizes keep changing every month; so, it’s up to you whether to submit the tickets or save for some different prizes in the coming months.

What is Happy Hour?

Happy Hour is a way of Better Bets to thank you for playing on their site. It will take place every Friday when the house edge is brought down to 0.25% for a given period (normally an hour, but can be more). There will be variations in the exact timing for this, so that people across the world, playing from various time zones, can enjoy it.

Other Outstanding Features

Mobile-friendly: Better Bets is mobile-friendly and will intelligently adapt to the screens of all mobile devices from phones to tablets, as well as desktop and laptop computers without losing functionality. This means that you are free to play games from anywhere in the world on any internet-enabled gadget without having to compromise your betting experience.

Real-world Prizes: Better Bets is aimed at combining Bitcoin mining with real-world awards. Each bet you place will allow you to gain raffle tickets which will make you eligible for their periodic lotteries. There will be a grand prize for each lottery which will be a real-world prize, such as a stay at a premium hotel at Las Vegas.

Bot-friendly: If you wish to play with a bot, you can do that on Better Bets because they are bot-friendly. Their Bot-API is well-matched with the API of Primedice which offers you an access to a wide array of matching bots. The same provably-fair infrastructure is used by Bots as the onsite bets of Better Bets, ensuring that you get betting chances that are as fair as possible statistically.

Faucet of Better Bets

Better Bets has a faucet which is a great way to allow new users to test the site without the need to deposit BTC. Their faucet is based on the Recaptcha of Google, pays out 200 Satoshi and you can use it every 5 minutes. A remarkable feature of the faucet that makes Better Bets stand out from other gambling sites is it can be used even if you have a positive balance.

What is ‘BetterBot’?

BetterBot is a direct command line bot executed in Java which means that you can access Better Bets on any desktop computer no matter whether it is Windows, Linux or Mac. It’s pretty flexible and if you are bold enough to use the command line to call up a program, you should come across no problem while using it. You should have Java7 or higher installed on your computer to run BetterBot.

So, enjoy betting with Bitcoins and get a comfortable, safe and fun experience with lots of prizes with Better Bets. Visit their Twitter page to connect with them.BetterBets_Info