Effective Ways to Save Your Online Poker Roll

Every poker player can burn through the online bankroll in no time. Yes, we’ve all been there and we’ve all done that, haven’t we? But, is there a way to prevent that? Could we learn how not to ruin days and weeks of successful grinding in a couple of bad poker sessions? How can we save our online bankrolls? Here are some smart, yet simple ways!

Playing within your roll is a must. If you want to make money while playing online poker, this rule must be obeyed. In the beginning, try sticking to the rule of having no more than 5% of your bankroll in play at a time. Players who prefer being robust usually have as low as 1% of their roll on one table in play. For any poker player who does not want to worry about going broke by losing at one or two games, this rule should be followed. Yes, even when you’re feeling lucky.

So, once you’ve used to following the above mentioned rule, the risk of going broke will be extremely low. Here’s another step: treating poker seriously. Whenever you play poker for real money (in Indonesian daftar judi kartu poker), you must be aware that every decision, pot and session matter. Since every little mistake can cost you money, you need to stay focused and prevent yourself from making bad decisions. To prevent your focus to be taken away from the game, limit distractions. While some people can watch a movie while successfully playing poker, while for others everything else needs to be shut down to keep mind on the game. You know yourselves the best; decide what is better for you personally and stick to the regime.

Finally, never play poker solely out of boredom. This game should be played because you really enjoy it or because it’s the way to make some profit. If you’re playing it to fight boredom, some boring poker sessions (and let’s face it, these can happen) would make you take stupid moves. And, of course, dumb mistakes make you a loser, which is certainly something you don’t want to happen just because you were bored.