Easy Tips to Make 4D Live Results Favorable for You

4D lottery is getting more and more popular and every day millions of people are starting playing it to leave it never thereafter. However, not all of these players can predict what the winning numbers would be and whether they would be winners. For those players, who dream of winning big at 4D, here are a few strategies to increase their chances to get a favorable result.

What is 4D and What are 4D Results?

4D is one of the most popular lotteries in Singapore, Malaysia and many other countries, particularly Asian. Since the rules of the game are simple and payouts are high, players really enjoy playing it.

You just have to randomly choose your numbers from 0000 to 9999. Every day 23 numbers are drawn from total 10,000 numbers. These are the winning numbers and chances of winning among all players are the same. The 23 winning numbers will be divided into 3 jackpots – first, second and third. Also, 10 special prizes and 10 consolation prizes are also offered. If you want to win this lottery, the key is to predict the winning numbers correctly.

Magnum toto damacai, are the results which are drawn each day, and as a player, your task is to foretell the winning numbers. 4D depends largely on luck and doesn’t need difficult calculation skills. Therefore, all people can play it and can even win it. But still, you can apply some strategies to predict the 4D live results and increase your winning chances.

Study Past 4D Results

Most players usually fail to study past 4D results while selecting their numbers. This is indeed unfortunate because the previous results of lotteries always have a meaning in the present. They can give you great hints while predicting the live result numbers. Since several people have struck the old figures again and again continuously in a certain period, the result is they win in an unexpected way with numbers which nobody cares about.

Try Numbers in Your Dream

You may believe it or not, but many people experience that if they choose numbers in their dreams, they win the 4D lottery. This phenomenon has not been exactly understood, but a theory says that your subconscious mind which has a tremendous power to know your past and future, helps you in getting the numbers that are going to appear in the results. This is a quite logical explanation because even famous scientists have agreed to the power of subconscious mind. So, check if you dream of any numbers and try to choose those numbers while buying your 4D lottery tickets.

If you want to have optimum fun from playing the 4D lottery, try to predict correct numbers instead of playing randomly. The results will pleasantly surprise you and you’ll enjoy playing!