Custom Parlay Cards – Have Fun of Winning

Are you wondering about what parlay cards are and how to use them for betting? Well, parlay cards are offered by casinos and bookmakers and you can bet easily through them on multiple games at a time. Usually, you can select minimum 3 games on this card and maximum number is 15. The more games you choose, the more chances you have for winning.

Parlay cards can be compared to lottery tickets. They are pre-published and are offered around casinos and sportsbooks. Their drawback is the odds of winning through them are characteristically lower than that in a typical parlay. This is because the bookmaker restricts the choice of teams and bets to make it easy for you to place wager. Because of these restricting elements, the publisher of the cards gets more exposure, in theory at least. However the teams and the wagers selected are picked as the bookmaker thinks the selections will result in more wins for the house. If the bookmaker is illegal, the odds they offer are worst and so you better refrain from them as your investment has more chances of getting no returns.

Traditional Parlay Cards

Traditional parlay cards denote numbers like:

2 Team Parlay – 13 : 5

3 Team Parlay – 6 : 1

4 Team Parlay – 10 : 1

5 Team Parlay – 20 : 1

& so on!

The meaning of these numbers is when a 5 parlay team denotes payout 20 to 1, it means for every $1 wagered, you will win 20 dollars on a successful bet. So, a successful $1 5 team parlay will pay $20 to you, while a successful $5 5 team parlay will pay you $100. Mostly, all the payouts are indicated in form of n:1, where n denotes money won on 1 dollar.

There is only one exception and that is for the 2 team parlay. Here you get $13 for every $5 wagered on a successful bet. This is more profitable because the proportional winning amount is more.

Custom Parlay Cards

Printable custom parlay cards by are fantastic because they have a number of features, like you can add or remove a game, and change odds, rules and spreads. They provide you cards every week and you can simply print them or change anything you want. You can also watch a demo video on their website to see how it works and how easy it is to edit and print the cards right from their website.

So, have fun with parlay betting and enjoy winning!