Cockfight Betting – Facts You Should Know

Just as horses running in the races need to be trained, cocks participating in cockfights need to be trained. Also, they should be raised in order to participate in fights and this whole affair isn’t cheap. Both owners and breeders have to shell out significant amount of money on the cock’s trainer, food and equipment. Chickens to participate in fights are chosen very carefully and are given special food and drink and are kept away from hens. While being with the trainer, they should also become acquainted with their owner and so, owners are allowed to hold them.

Three main species are known as fighting cocks. One is black roosters with a red comb. This is known to have extreme stamina to fight until death. Second is white roosters with round yellow eyes and ivory colored feet which are known for their temperament and lightning-fast actions. Third is five-colored cocks with red, black, yellow, brown and bluish black feathers which are known for their flexibility and ability to know when to run away.

Chickens are observed for their aggression which is seen at around 6 weeks of age. Once a chicken is noted with such an aggression, it’s chosen for training and fighting ability, willingness to fight with opponents and resistance to pain is developed in it.

The roosters chosen for fights are given the best care once they start participating in fights. They are also given daily baths, exercises and facial wash. They are given food containing unhusked rice, vegetables and sometimes meat for proteins.

For each fight, the cocks are conditioned. This may last for weeks. During this period, cocks are given proper diet and nutrition, sparring and isolation. They are kept isolated so as to make them aggressive and hungry to fight which can result into winning their main fight.

Rules of cockfights vary from region to region. When you find a bandar taruhan sabung ayam (cockfighting bookie) and want to bet on fights, know the rules of the fight.

Fighting cocks may be from 1 kg to 6 kg. There are also certain weight classes like PR i.e. less than seven pounds, P for small, M for medium and G for large.

Cockfighting Betting

Owners of cocks can discuss with their opponents and agree on bets. On the other hand, bettors look for other bettors willing to place bets on other rooster. E.g. one bettor would choose to bet on the crowd’s favorite while the other would bet on the underdog. In short, like any other betting game, betting on crowd’s favorite means winning less, while betting on underdog means winning more.

So, are you planning to bet on cockfights?