Cleopatra – the Latest Slot Game with Big Prizes for Free

There are only a few games in the world of online casinos that are free. It’s these free games which can give an edge to the players over the house and make a little profit while gambling. If you want to make a real earning from gambling, you should always be in search of such free games and other types of earning engines in the casino world. I have the good news for you that one more brand new FREE game has arrived in this world and it’s Cleopatra slot machine! It’s available for free on Google Play.

Cleopatra slot machine is a Vegas casino game which lets you enjoy playing slot games because it is free and offers big prizes.

On this slot, you have to explore the mystery of Cleopatra’s jewels.


The setting of the game is in the Ancient Egypt where there is a rumor of the hidden treasure of the Queen of Nile inside one of the world-famous pyramids of Pharaohs surrounded by mystery. On the way to solve the mystery, you will get many other treasures like diamond reward chips, hidden coins, bonuses and ultimately the final reward – Cleopatra’s Jewels! You have to beat the Queen of Nile in the game and win rewards, cash prizes and bonuses without spending a dime.

Cleopatra slot machine being a mobile game can be played anywhere i.e. during traveling too, or in the comfort of your own home without having to access Las Vegas! But take care not to get lost in the game so much that you will miss a bus or train! Along with the bonuses, cash prizes and other rewards, there are Jackpots too for which you just have to spin the wheels. There are more than 20 games to start with.

So, try your luck on Cleopatra slot machine; there is nothing to lose as the game is free!

Cleopatra slot machine