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5 Mistakes You Should Avoid to Become a Successful Sports Bettor

It’s perfectly natural to make mistakes. However, if they are going to cost money, it’s better to avoid them. In sports betting, mistakes can be costly, and so, if you’re planning to learn sports betting, you should first learn to

Blockchain Technology – A Groundbreaking Advancement in the Betting World

With the advent of decentralized betting and digital currency, it seems that even people, who were not previously interested in betting, will develop an interest in it. This is because this new advancement of blockchain mechanism has brought the security,

What is Sports Handicapping

If you’ve heard for sports handicappers but you don’t know anything about them, it will be my pleasure to help you learn what they do and how to choose one for yourself. In general, sports handicapping means the process of

Interesting Facts about Fantasy Sports

Over three decades in a small Manhattan restaurant, a group of middle aged friends who loved board games, athlete statistics and baseball came up with a simple idea that has turned to a cultural phenomenon: fantasy sports. Some people who

Tips to Get Better at Daily Fantasy Sports

Most people who play daily fantasy, do not lack in sports knowledge. In fact, they are fairly well in that. The things they lack in are understanding volatility and risk management. Here are some tips by pros on how to

Sports Gambling / Betting

The house makes cash by people who bet way too much on only one activity. If you were a inventory trader, you would not spend your whole profile into only one inventory that you feel will probably do well. You