Baccarat – 5 Strategy Tips

You have found the perfect place to play Baccarat Online 3D and you would like to use a strategy in order to increase your odds of winning. You have come to the right place for a good advice. These 5 tricks I’ll present you don’t apply to general baccarat play but to gamblers who use a system or strategy. 

#1 This might seem too obvious, but before you play in a new online casino, make sure you’ve checked that the odds on offers are correct. A commission deduction on the Banker bets is commonly 5%, but in some casinos you’ll be charged 25% on this bet. When it comes to odds on the Player bets should be 1:1 (evens) and that should never vary. The Tie bets are usually 8:1, but it’s terrible value that should be avoided if possible.

#2 Although the Banker bet has slightly better odds compared to the player bet, it might be better to bet on the Player bets if you’re following a strategy. The payout that is slightly lower than evens on the banker bet might cause an issue when you use a progressive system.

3# The best time to quit is when you’re ahead. Yes, this might seem as against the system and strategy, but it’s still a good advice. Prior beginning a session, think about the reasonable amount you expect to win if you follow certain strategy. If you reach this amount in profit early in the session, I suggest quitting for that day.

4# There’s the built-in house advantage and we all know it, don’t we? So, there’s no strategy or system that will overcome it, especially in the long run. So, play shorter sessions, either you win or lose. If you’ve decided to play some number of hands, accept whatever profit you have (yes, odd numbers such as $123 are alright). If you try to a nice even, for instance, $150, you’ll be on a sure way to lose all money back.

5# Once you decide on your strategy/system and you start playing it, it’s the best to stick to it. Unless you have an extraordinary good run early in the session (when I suggest tip 3#), it’s better to be true to the betting strategy you’ve chosen. Although it might be frustrating when you lose bet after bet, don’t be tempted to increase your bet massively just to recoup all your losses in one hand. If you’re playing a system, you must accept that there will be losing sessions. A system that is worth playing is very likely worth following properly.