Arbitrage Betting – Things You Should Know

If you are wondering about what arbitrage betting is, understand that it’s an activity in which you go on placing bets at the same time on all potential results of an event at chances that assure profit, whatever the outcome of the event will be. These bets are also called surewins, miraclebets, surebets or just arbs.

Arbitrage betting or arbing allows a player to place several bets to assure a profit irrespective of the outcome. So, it’s beneficial if you are playing for judi online uang asli i.e. real money online gambling.

Bettors who play through arbitrage are called arbers.

Arbing is possible when odds have a discrepancy between them which allow a possible profit by betting on all outcomes. Often, this is a binary bet – with only two outcomes. For example, a tennis match has only two results possible.

Opportunities for arbing most commonly come when bookies differ about odds or make a mistake while pricing a market.

Arbing is actually a mathematical process to guarantee profit. Most arbers would admit that they are only little to not at all interested in the sport they are betting on.

What is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is a type of arbing. Some players use arbing to minimize or cancel out losses by placing opposite bets on two different outcomes. The profit is then created from bookie bonuses, typically in the form of free bets.

Many players also wonder what a betting exchange is. Basically a betting exchange is what matched bettors place their bet on after a traditional bookie lays their bet.

Do Bookmakers Allow Arbing?

Arbing is absolutely legal, but it’s not surprising that not many bookies entertain regular arbers. It’s for an obvious reason that they have to spend money.

The problem faced by bookmakers is recognizing bettors who are using arbing as a strategy. It can be highly challenging for them to track the bettors.

If you are constantly winning, the bookmaker will watch over you closely and if betting patterns cause them to doubt that you are arbing, your account could be restricted or even closed, sometimes with no warning.

Some bookmakers, however, don’t do this, but they are very few.

So, are you planning to start arbing?