Amazing World of Slots and Their Various Types

It’s proved by now that slots are cash cows for any casino and they outdo table games and other types of gambling constantly. Every year, billions of dollars are lost by players on slots.

However, on the other hand, slots can even change a player’s life for good with only one spin of the reels. There are many examples also of some players who won billions by betting just a few bucks.

All in all, slots are interesting. It’s also interesting to see that how varied slots are when it comes to their types as you can see in daftar joker123 (joker123 list). Here are a few types of slots that will surely open up a new world before you.

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Categories of Slot Machines

Although with the word slots, a traditional slot machine is envisioned before your eyes, a number of other games qualify to be parts of the slot machine family. Some of them are:


The main topic of this article, traditional slots, are the life force of gambling cities. There are three to four spinning reels on these machines and players are paid when a winning combination of symbols is achieved.


Video Bingo

Rather than the reel-style play available on traditional slots, video bingo features an electronic video card. Latin and American bingo are the two most popular games in this type.

Video Poker

This game offers five virtual cards to players, on the basis of Five-card Draw, and challenges players to make the best possible poker hand. Payout is directly dependent on the strength of the hand, with a pair of jokers like joker123 or better often being needed to finish in the money.


This name has derived from combining “pachinko” and “slot machine” and this game occurs in the pachinko parlors and Japanese arcades. Because their reels can be stopped within 0.19 seconds of pressing a button, these games are cracked by skilled players. Most of the machines provide a paytable percentage in the range of 90%.

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Types of Traditional Slot Machines

As there are so many types of slot machines, there are varieties in their simplicity or difficulty level too. While some slot machines are too basic, some others can be extremely complicated. No matter, what your experience or area of interest is, there is at least one type of slot machine for you that will give you hours of fun and enjoyment and a chance to win a sizeable amount. Here are some types of traditional slot machines.


The precursor of the multi-coin/multi-line slots discussed below, multi-line games have lost some popularity over last few decades. In this type, although it’s up to the player to choose how many paylines to choose, there is a limitation involved of wagering only one coin per line. Since most gamers have now become used to being able to bet multiple coins per line, this game is losing popularity.


After gaining popularity first in Australia, the multi-coin/multi-line slots have grown to be popular worldwide in the last 20 years. In this type, you, the player, has a liberty to choose the number of paylines you want to play, along with how many coins you want to risk per line. Most slot experts advise to play a coin per line, since this prevents you from missing out any possible winning combination. However, make sure to pay attention to the paytable, as some of the games have bonuses that activate only when you play the highest number of coins per line.



In this slot, each extra coin wagered unlocks additional winning combinations. The possibility of combinations highly affects the hit frequency of the game and sometimes there can be a difference between 84% and 100% payback on a single coin. Owing to this fact, it’s always advisable that players bet highest number of coins on a buy-a-pack slot machine.

Hidden Buy-a-Pays

The name of this game was invented by the gaming guru John Robinson and it means any slot that features bonus events that can only be accessed by playing the highest number of coins. Although the machine might not otherwise have a great payback percentage, the ability to play the highest number of coins encourages it into high nineties (or 100% too). This machine can be spotted by checking the paytable and looking for any type of bonus that needs maximum coins to activate.

Combination Slots

These types of slots combine two or more of the other types of slots in this list. For example, it could be a combination of a buy-a-pay and a multiplier or a hidden buy-a-pay and multi-line progressive, etc.

If you are doubtful, always check the paytable of the machine for more information or do some online research to get daftar judi slot online (online slot gambling list). Most experts recommend risking just enough amount needed to trigger all potential payouts.

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Every time a player makes a bet on any of the slots, a small proportion goes towards the top prize. The jackpots begin at a particular dollar amount and they continue climbing till someone hits the needed symbol combination. After this, the game resets to the base jackpot amount and starts to build up again. This type of slot is great when you’re after becoming an instant millionaire; however, most machines need you to bet maximum coins so as to qualify for the progressive.

Straight Multiplayer

This machine enables the player to trigger all winning combos by betting a single coin, and any extra coins work to increase the winning multiplier. This means that four coins would pay four times as that of a single coin bet, five coins would be five times and so on. Although some players recommend betting maximum amount, most experts prefer to adhere to a single coin bet.

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Bonus Multipliers

Similar to straight multiplier machines, bonus multipliers too activate all combinations with one single coin. Any additional coins multiply any winnings, but there’s even a bonus payout (often on the top jackpot) that can be triggered only with maximum coins. Because this bonus amount will hardly come into play, most slot experts recommend sticking to a single coin bet.

So, are you feeling elated to get this information? All the best for playing slots!