6 Major Odds Formats Explained

While sports and sports betting is highly popular around the world, it’s also hugely different across the planet. However, none of these differences matters much when it comes to sports betting strategy. It should also be remembered that the more betting sites you choose the better odds you can receive.

It’s also true that several Asian betting sites cater players from around the world and it’s also true in case of European betting sites. This has only one disadvantage and it’s that the odds formats are different. Here are some of the most popular odds formats.

1. Indonesian Odds

Indonesian format is always expressed as a single digit containing decimals, such as +3.00, -2.50 etc. In this format, +3.00 is risk 1 to win 3 whereas -2.50 is risk 2.5 to win 1. Also, you get your stake back on the side. Most of the Asian and especially Indonesian sites in the bursa taruhan bola 99 (99 football betting market) use this format.

2. Hong Kong Odds

In this odds format, the return is not included in the odds. Hence it doesn’t represent the bettor’s stake on the side.

3. Malay Odds

Just like Indonesian odds format, in Malay odds too the numbers can be positive or negative. However, it’s a bit confusing as compared to other formats, because negative numbers express an underdog. For example, if the Malay odds are -0.2500, it means that you have to risk 0.25 to win 1 and is equivalent to 4.000 in Hong Kong as well as Indonesian odds, +400 in American odds and 5.00 in decimal odds. And if the number is positive, it works just like Hong Kong odds. This means that odds of +0.86 indicates risk 1 to win 0.86 profit.

4. Fraction Odds

These are sometimes called UK odds because they are often used in the UK. To find out the amount of winnings, you’ll have to solve the fraction and then multiple. Thus 11/10 is 11 divided by 10 = 1.1; so, if you wager £50 the payout will be £10 x 1.1 = £55 in winnings in addition to your £50 stake.

5. American Odds

These are used in Canada and the US and are often called moneyline odds. Just like Indonesian odds, these too are expressed as a positive or negative number. However, it’s not expressed as a single digit. Thus if the Indonesian odds are +3.00, American odds would be +300 and if the Indonesian odds are -2.50, American odds would be -250.

6. Decimal Odds

This format is being adopted universally and some Asian bookies too are supporting it. Example of this is if the odds are 1.942 they return 1.942 units for each unit staked and unit here means currency.

Once you understand these different odds formats, no sports betting site is off limits for you. So learn them and enjoy betting in multiple ways.