5 Tips to Follow to Find the Right Bookmaker

You may think that in online gambling, choosing the right side or total of a game is important. Well, these are important; but even more important is to choose the right online bookie. But as there are so many companies online offering sports betting, with most of them offering same type of service, how to decide which one is the best? Here are a few tips to decide that.

1. Decide What to Bet

Well, all bandar capsa online (online bookie), will offer you to bet the basics, i.e. totals, straights, parlays etc. However, there wouldn’t be many offering riskier markets like half time lines, quarter lines or teasers on events.

Same way, some will feature a far better live betting selection than others. Each site will offer betting on main events; however, many others will offer a selection on more obscure events.

Regarding prop bets, there is even more difference among bookies. The reason is that it’s much harder to set these lines and there is a higher exposure to the book. Therefore, sites offering unique betting features or props on sporting events will be only a few.

2. Website Downtime

Check the company’s website at various times of the day, particularly during peak hours and watch how quickly their site loads and also check some links to make sure that no technical hitches are present.

3. Mobile Phone Compatibility

No matter how much we love the internet, it’s impossible for us to stay at our computers all the time. So, it’s essential to check what other options the company offers to place bets. These may include smartphone and tablet betting, and also betting over the phone.

Don’t forget to see if there are any restrictions for these alternatives. Typically there is a requirement of a minimum bet and/or fees for placing bets over the phone.

4. Check Out Reviews

It’s important to see what others are saying about the bookmaker. Read online reviews. Join forums and ask members there about the particular bookie you want to join.

5. Check Other Things and Not Just the Welcome Bonus

Never open an account with a bookmaker just because they are offering the greatest welcome bonus. You may find several shady websites that offer 100%, 200% or even higher bonuses to new members. Typically these are small operators on the edge of bankruptcy, or even worse, scammers. Reputable bookies offer reasonable bonuses as they want to stay in the business. Also remember that larger welcome bonus will also bring larger rollover requirements.

Follow these tips while choosing the right bookie and play smoothly and safely.