5 Mistakes You Should Avoid to Become a Successful Sports Bettor

It’s perfectly natural to make mistakes. However, if they are going to cost money, it’s better to avoid them. In sports betting, mistakes can be costly, and so, if you’re planning to learn sports betting, you should first learn to avoid sports betting mistakes. Here are a few such mistakes that beginners as well as pros can make, and should avoid them.

1. Not Giving Your 100%

If you’re planning seriously to get into sports betting but are not willing to put in your 100%, you can hardly make any profit. It’s fine to be lazy if you’re betting just recreationally. But if you really want to succeed in sports betting, you should be ready to work.

There’s a common misconception that professional sports bettors watch the sports channel after waking up, look at the odds, think upon them for some time and then start placing the bets. However, the truth is that professional sports bettors do a lot of research on teams, watch game footages and study the stats a lot. This can be quite tedious at times but if you want to succeed in sports betting, you should be prepared to do it.

How much work is required? You may be disappointed with the answer, but you really need to do a lot of work. If you’re not winning, that means you should work still harder. If you’re winning, you’re probably putting in enough efforts. There are no set hours per week you should work. It depends on how fast you learn strategies and this needs willingness to give your 100%.

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2. Underestimating Bankroll Management

You should set bank management rules and follow them strictly. You may hear a lot of tragic stories of how bettors broke their own rules and ultimately met with bad luck. Sports betting has ups and downs that can never be avoided. Therefore, bankroll management rules are very much essential. These rules will enable you to have an idea of games that have more value but still have upper limits.

3. Betting Every Game

Another common mistake a beginner sports bettor can make is to bet every single game. A website like BetGold contains a great range of games. You should go slowly, pick your games and analyse each of them and ensure they have any value and are worth betting.

Here you should keep some things in mind. Not every game has value. Thus, if you’re betting every single game, you’re making a mistake. The temptation of making more money is irresistible, but constantly betting games will just nullify your profits, because there would also be games with no value.

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4. Keeping Impractical Expectations

Expecting to start winning just within a few days of sports betting or expecting to win 70%-80% of your bets can be a big mistake. Even the best sports bettors can’t win even near 70%-80% of their bets. The fact is that, they win below 60%, and this happens with the world’s best sports bettors.

It’s true that you can reach up to that level one day; but that will take you a lot of time. First, you’d have to go through a great deal of disappointments and sometimes encouragements, and then in the long run, you can see some steady wins. Hence you should be prepared for this. Keeping unrealistic expectations may make you depressed soon and you might leave betting altogether.

Keeping Impractical Expectations

5. Blaming Your Bad Luck for the Losses

Sports betting is an activity that perhaps contains the most ups and downs. It may happen that you’re constantly coming across losses. In that scenario, it’s important not to be emotional and blame your bad luck. Your bad luck may be the culprit if you’re losing for a short while, e.g. for 50 bets. But if you’re losing 500 bets, most probably it’s you who is doing something wrong. In that case, you should carefully study your picks and system. You may even stop for some time and then re-start.

So, are you prepared to follow these tips? Remember to work hard, apply the right strategies and think practically. That will let you enjoy sports betting in a true sense.