5 Important Tips for Beginner Poker Players

If you’ve just started playing poker and intend to play it professionally in the future to make a living, there are a lot of things you can learn. Following are the tips which will save you from mistakes and make your life easy while progressing towards becoming a professional player.

1. Start at Low Stakes

Several players make the mistake to play poker with high stakes as they find it thrilling. However, you get the thrill at the cost of your money. Remember that your goal at this stage is to learn poker strategies and not to waste money while looking for thrill. There are some more reasons for starting at low stakes:

  • The mere feeling that not much of your money is at stake will make you comfortable and then even though you lose them, you won’t feel much bad. The lesson you’ll get in that game is valuable.
  • Your skill will increase every time you’ll increase your stakes. Beginning at the lowest stakes allows you to play against the weakest players and learn the game, rather than giving away your hard-earned money to those who are much better than you right now.
  • It will give you the big picture and take a feel of the whole game. You’ll slowly understand what poker hands you must play and the positions, and you can get a good practice.

Before making a progress, you have to learn poker strategies and make sure you are comfortable in any game. You should also learn poker bankroll management. After becoming thoroughly aware of the game, you can try using the marked cards like the ones on Marked Cards Mall if you want.

marked cards

2. Begin with One Table

Since your goal is just learning, start with one table and leave multi-tabling for the future. One table games will help you get the much important information you need at the start.

marked cards mall

3. Never Ask for a New Setup

When a player asks the dealer for a new setup, they are actually asking for replacing the present cards with new ones. Almost all poker rooms have two decks of cards in rotation for every table. A ‘setup’ is a pair of decks the back colors of which are contrasting, so they don’t get intermixed.

The main reason behind such a request is superstition of players who believe that they have been having bad beats or an unlucky series of hands, and they perceive irrationally that a new deck of cards will improve their luck.

Don’t believe in such superstitions. The game is stopped for five minutes while the cards are changed as the dealer completes the security procedures of examining the replacement decks and getting them shuffled properly. There isn’t any real benefit of this.

Some players believe that upon asking for a new setup, new cards will be brought to the table. However, the fact is that the cards used in poker rooms are expensive and durable. They are stored away carefully when a table is closed, to be used again. Thus, the replacement cards are as “used” as the ones that are replaced.

Never Ask for a New Setup

4. What is a Position?

While deciding which hands to play and which not, something called position will play one of the most important roles. Later positions will allow you to make more money; hence try to play more hands from there.

playing poker

5. Marked Cards

Marking cards in poker is a popular trick. Although it cannot be said to be ethical, such cards help you win. You can mark your own cards by using ways like bending corners of the cards or wearing down cards, mark the back of a card with a slightly different symbol, etc. Other alternative is to use marked cards by Marked Cards Mall for example.

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Remember these tips and enjoy becoming a pro poker player.