4D Lottery – Interesting Rules that will Attract You

Lotteries have been a favorite gambling game & a great entertainment for the masses. There had been several lotteries in the history of mankind. Some of them preferred to shake the norm and do things in a totally different way than lotteries usually operate. Amongst these, some did things wrongly and couldn’t attract many people, whereas some did and are still doing everything right and thus got immensely popular. The 4D lottery popular in Malaysia, Singapore and many other countries comes in the 2nd category.

How to Play 4D Lottery?

The rules of 4D lottery breaks all standard conventions followed by other lotteries. To start with, the number pool you can select numbers from ranges from 0000 to 9999. From these you’ll have to choose four unique numbers to play. Among these too, cara beli nombor ekor (how to choose the tail number) is very important.

Once you choose the numbers, you’ll have to choose what type of bet you’ll place. Your choice is divided into two decisions that you’ll need to make:

Big Bet or Small Bet: Choosing the option of Big Bet will enable you to win a prize if your four numbers show anywhere in the five prize tiers, which means you’ve a higher chance of winning. Choosing a Small Bet will need your numbers to show in the first 3 prize tiers so that you can claim a prize.

Standard Entry or System Entry: Standard entry bets will need you to match your four numbers to the drawn numbers in the exact same order to claim a prize. For example, if you select 5279 as your numbers, the drawn number should also be 5279 to let you win. On the other hand, System entry bets will automatically generate 24 different combinations of your 4 numbers and enter them all into the draw. This offers you a much higher chance of your numbers matching and winning. However, this bet type is much more expensive than the other as you have to pay an additional fee.

After you select the four numbers, whether you’d place a big bet or small bet, and whether you’d place a standard entry bet or system entry bet, you’ll also have to choose how much you’d like to bet on your ticket. The least bet is $1, but there is no higher limit. Increasing your betting amount directly affects the amount you’ll win if your numbers are drawn.

So, are you feeling like playing 4D lottery? Go ahead and play it. You’ll surely enjoy it!