4 Simple Methods to Choose Winning Numbers for the Lottery

If you choose your lottery numbers randomly or based on your birthday, you leave the results purely to luck. You are never sure that those numbers will definitely win you any big mount. But do you know that you can pick those numbers applying some methods and then they can increase your chances to win? Let’s see what the methods are.

Learn the Statistics

This method is based on studying previous keputusan 4D (a Malay word for draws) and noting the numbers that get drawn most often. Fortunately, since lottery obsession is global, there’s tons of information available for you to study.

While there’s no mathematical logic behind why some numbers get drawn more often than others, you’ll find a few that seem to be hotter than others.

Keep in mind that each number has the same probability of being drawn, no matter whether it has appeared 10 or 0 times over the past few draws.

The drawback of this method is that it’s quite time-consuming, but several lottery players have found it tremendously useful.

Also, you won’t be the only player applying this method. So, be prepared to get your prize split if your number wins.

Apply Numerology

Numerology is a method that you can apply if you believe in the power of the universe. Numerology tells that anyone can calculate their own ‘numbers’ which have a significance that’s personal to them.

Here we can’t discuss how numerology works because it’s a quite long process. However, you can learn it on numerous online sites that explain how it works.

Once you study it and find six numbers, you can use them for your next lottery draw.

Although you don’t believe, there is no harm in trying this method. Who knows, some cosmic force could take you ultimately to win the jackpot that you’ve chased for years!

Make a Pattern

If you keenly study your lottery slip, you’ll come to know that every selection indicates a pattern. This method involves choosing numbers by drawing on the lottery slip.

For example, you can go in a circle or try to draw out an alphabet. Trigger your artistic quirk and flair to draw something that really makes sense when you hand it back to the cashier.

Don’t just draw a straight line like a lot of people do; so, if you win, you’ll have to share your amount with quite a few other winners.

Choose Lucky Numbers

Almost everyone has some lucky numbers, for example, your birth date or a date on which most of the happy moments in your life have happened or your first salary and so on. You have to pick these numbers to coin your lottery numbers. This is not a definitely scientific method, but may work. Again there is no harm in trying it.

When it comes to lottery, it’s all about picking up the golden numbers that will win you that dream prize. Try these methods and who knows, they will make your dream come true!