4 Great Fantasy Football Tips

Fantasy football is considered to be a lucrative gambling type, upon which new bettors always wonder. But if they apply certain strategies, they don’t have to remain wondering, but can play daily fantasy successfully and will understand why it is called so lucrative. Here are some tips.

1. Pay Keen Attention to Percentage of Cap

First thing to remember is to pay a keen attention to a player’s consumption of the percentage of cap. The greater the salary of player, the higher of your cap will he soak up, reducing your power of buying other players as well as positions. It is extremely important to get returns on your investment. A good rule to follow is to avoid spending much on fringe positions, like place kickers or defenses, as owners normally can get a good deal on a matchup play.

2. Common Components of Traditional and Daily Gaming

There are some common elements shared by traditional fantasy football and today’s popular daily gaming. You need the same thing to win them. The team which scores the highest does just that – decide if you want a traditional approach to get over with the money or sway for the fences to win, based on the contest type selected.

3. Monitoring Bankroll during Daily Games

Regarding daily fantasy games, a rule of thumb is you should not play over 10% to 15% of your bankroll in a certain week. From this percentage, you should dedicate 80% to cash games, and the 20% left will go to high stakes GPPs and matches.

4. Tracking

Tracking is very important in fantasy football but if commonly neglected by the casual “fish”. Actually it can be very easily done just by watching over your account history and can show you your strengths and weaknesses. You may realize that you win a far greater percentage of 50-50s but have to lose in H2H games. So, you will have to adjust the selection of games accordingly.

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