3 Exciting Methods You Can Play 4D Online with

As you might know, 4D is a well-known type of lottery that needs players to select 4 digits from a numerical range from 0000 to 9999. Every time 23 winning numbers are drawn and if a player has the same numbers as that of the draw outcomes, that player wins. It’s believed that this lottery started long ago as 2D and was followed by 3D and now 4D which is currently highly popular.

With the computer-based version of this lottery released in 1986 4D has become even more popular than before as you can buy 4D in Malaysia, Singapore or wherever you are, and the lottery is fun and easy to play. There are 3 most common methods to play 4D. Here they are.


The Standard method is the most common way to play 4D online. It needs you to just guess all the numbers correctly. Make sure you place your bet on a reputable 4D online lottery site.


In the Perm method, you have to select between 4, 6, 12 and 24 in any lottery game. You can even increase your winning chances by using a different combination and earn more rewards. The more suitable combination you get, the higher rewards you’re assured to have. This method works best if you study several previously published results.


The method of Roll needs you to give a prediction of why 3 among the 4 digits are there in the winning lottery number. You get 2 different options viz. Roll 1 that includes 3 winning numbers from the first and Roll 4 that refers to the 4 winning numbers from the last.

As the process of drawing the winning number begins, the bookmaker will check all the 4D online lotteries. The prize a player will receive depends only on the result. You can also receive the 1st prize if you predict all the 4 digits correctly. However, you can be entitled to even a special prize in special conditions. There is even a consolation prize that is offered when a player gives the correct digit prediction but the order or sequence is incorrect.

Thus, as the 4D lottery offers multiple prizes and high winning chances, and online 4D can be played from the comfort of your home or workplace, you should give it a try if you haven’t yet. So, have you started looking for a good 4D lottery?