You can Enjoy Playing Poker in Indonesia

Indonesia ranking fourth in the world in terms of population is a huge potential market for poker. However, it’s also a very conservative nation and despite a huge number of tourists it gets, the country continues to ban all types of gambling.

Indonesia being primarily a Muslim country, is not very much in favour of gambling. However, Indonesian people do like to gamble but they are discouraged from gambling due to the government’s policies against gambling.

Nowadays, people of all religions are interested in gambling and even in Indonesia a lot of gambling is going on. Despite the fact that there are not many casinos or other gambling establishments here, people go off the grid to gamble for situs poker online, for example. It’s obviously much easier to bet online than to visit an underground establishment or bookmaker taking a lot of risk.

People gamble online in complete privacy and what the most the authorities do is to block them from downloading online poker software. But even that doesn’t deter them as anyone using a virtual private network can access the websites he desires.

Playing Poker in Indonesia

With global growth of online poker over the last decade, one of the newest regions at its forefront is Southeast Asia and places like Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, the Philippines and Australia have become gambling hotspots along with Indonesia even more so.

Poker is definitely gaining ground in Indonesia but has some major obstacles in the way of making the country a destination where online poker is commonplace. However, obstacles are being overcome all the time and people are finding ways to play poker online.

poker in Indonesia

Lucrative Bonuses and Freerolls

Recognising the need of Indonesian fans of poker, many sites offer extremely lucrative bonuses and freerolls, particularly for Indonesian players. Millions of freerolls can be bagged by Indonesian poker fans along with getting some of the highest signup bonuses.

Complete rule guides too are offered to Indonesian players with the help of which they can understand and play all the popular poker variations. Useful starter guides to poker etiquette are also offered which are useful for both online as well as live casinos.

You can also get easy pot odds calculator, hand ranking charts and winning calculator. And also you can get all other tools that can help you to become a poker expert soon.

Finding the Best Poker Sites

The best way to find the best poker sites, especially for new players, is to read reviews. Find review sites that are especially good for Indonesian players.

There are also a lot of sites that offer breaking poker news, various strategies to play poker based on the player’s skill level, and more.

World-famous Indonesian Poker Players

Taking benefit of all these facilities available, some Indonesian players have achieved a great fame in the world for playing poker in tournaments like the World Series of Poker in Australia, Las Vegas and Paris. Some of these are John Juanda, Darus Suharto, Winfred Yu, Bryan Huang, Celina Lin, Zheng Tang, Nick Wong, Vic de Guzman and more.

poker in Indonesia

Poker Deposit Options Available to Indonesian Players

If you are an Indonesian who wants to play situs poker online, once you decide to play poker for money, the next step you should take is to fund your poker account. Poker sites provide numerous deposit options for Indonesian players. Some of the best options are:

Bank Transfers

A local bank transfer is the simplest poker deposit option and therefore the most popular. Talk to the customer service agent of the site and find out preferred banks and about the process.

Credit Cards

You can use a MasterCard or Visa if bank transfer is not possible.


This is one of the best methods not just for funding poker accounts, but also for making online shopping. Indonesian players can get their money converted to any currency from their EntroPay account.

So, don’t hold yourself back. Go for it and enjoy playing poker online!