Winner Winner ChickenDinner!

A San Francisco based startup, ChickenDinner, Inc. combines fantasy sports and sport betting in a  fresh way! People like fantasy betting because of its competitive and social character, yet they also enjoy sports betting because it’s risky and dark. ChickenDinner crew has decided to mix these two approaches so lovely that you’ll simply have to give it a try!


winner winner chicken dinnerHave you ever heard the phrase “winner winner chicken dinner“? Well, you could hardly miss it! But, not many people know its meaning (or the legend associated with it). According to several sources, this phrase originates from 1970s casinos and it was used to attract players to a slow moving table. At the time, a standard chicken dinner offered by most casinos cost just under $2, the same as the most common casino bet. So, by calling out “winner winner chicken dinner” when somebody won at their table, dealers were indicating that certain player had won enough money to buy a chicken dinner. So, they try to attract other players to come play at (underplayed) tables and get the chance to win the same thing.


chicken dinnerBut, back to ChickenDinner, Inc. do this startup attempts to attract us this way? Well, they do offer players an opportunity to win enough for a chicken dinner (at a luxurious restaurant, of course), but there is even more to that. ChickenDinner is free to play and, yet, you can win real cash! How does it work?


“Weekly Rotisserie” is a weekly public league at ChickenDinner. Every day, a player gets 500 free bankroll (weekly maximum is 3500). Master your betting skills, place wagers and win a bet and build your bankroll. On Sunday, the top of the leaderboard gets real cash. On Monday, all bankrolls reset and it’s time for a new game to begin. It sounds pretty straight-forward, doesn’t it. If you have good picks, chances are, you’ll earn for that fine dining!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHow do you place wagers? Simply, in 3 easy steps. First, go to the desired league’s dashboard and click “place wager”. Second, pick sports & lines. Third, choose parlay or straight bet and the amount you would like to wager. You can repeat this 3 step process until you have enough money on a bankroll.


Players’ skills are measured by using HEAT Index, the proprietary Handicapping Efficiency Analysis Tracker. It doesn’t depend on player’s ability to build their bankroll, but only on how well they pick winning selections, as well as how complicated these selections are. HEAT is players’ personal index that can be used for promo event qualifications and cash payouts.


sports betting 2Soon, the best players will be invited to the World Series of Sports Betting (WSOSB). One week sports betting competition will be held for the top handicappers from around the globe to compete and to officially crown the world’s Champion of Sports Betting. As a WSOSB winner, a player will receive plenty of fortune, plus you can become very famous, too!


Do you have your fantasy league? Chicken Dinner enables you to have the similar private league, also free to play. You can define the start/end date, pick the sports and invite your friends. By placing wagers you build a bankroll and, when it’s over, the best among you wins. You have an opportunity to set your own prizes, of course.


Everything that sounds so good has to be illegal, doesn’t it? No! ChickenDinner is legal because they accept no money from players. Any of games they offer are absolutely free (and simple) to play. So, will you give it a try! It’s Monday, so it’s best time for you to take your chance with ChickenDinner.