Why Should You Play The Walking Dead Slot?

The Walking Dead by AMC is perhaps the biggest TV show on Cable Television and follows the daily lives of a group of people that are changed forever because of an epidemic of a virus that has previously killed most of the mankind and then has brought some people back to life.

The survivors face numerous challenges and show unfolds their lives on a daily basis. They not only have to save themselves from the infected zombies who can convert a human into a zombie just with one bite, but also they have to stay away from other survivors who can do anything to survive including killing anyone that gets in their way.

If you are already a diehard fan of The Walking Dead, you have another opportunity to enjoy the show – by playing The Walking Dead Slot! The popularity of these brand new slot machines by Aristocrat has spread like wildfire across the casinos all through the US and it’s quite guaranteed that you can’t resist playing them when you will come across them.

Basic Facts

The Walking Dead slot by Aristocrat is a multi-line slot where you can choose to play up to 300 coins per spin. The least coin value is 0.01 and as is often the case with slots created in this way you are sure to get the best chance to win some of the bigger winning base as well as bonus games when you put maximum bet spins into play; however, since you can adjust the number of coins you can put into live play, you can get a great entertainment value from playing it for low stake amounts just as you would during max betting.

Free Spins Bonus Round

While playing The Walking Dead slot game, you can win various types of free spins bonus games and they will not only have an array of additional features but there will also be various valued multipliers in play.

A way to find out which bonus game you should play is to first spin a Disease Control Bonus Wheel and wherever it stops will be the bonus game you win.

Reel Symbols and Payouts

As you can guess correctly, the reel symbols feature characters and easily identifiable symbols from the show and you can also expect to come across a cast of zombies loitering somewhere as you play the slot.

You can play for up to 300 coins per spin and per se while playing for coin value of 0.01 that will be equal to a maximum value per spin is $3.00; there is a massive jackpot to grab on this slot and if you are fortunate enough to win the jackpot, you will find yourself becoming richer instantly by $500,000!

So, what are you waiting for? Play The Walking Dead Slot and get a great entertainment along with money!