What Should You Know about Slot Paylines? – Part Three

Hello friends, we are really happy to present to you this third and last part of the slot paylines information series with which you’ll get the fully clear picture of this important aspect of slot and you can play in a better way. So, in this article, we’ll discuss about multipliers, free spins bonuses, standard bonus rounds, progressive jackpots and auto play, so that you can play with confidence.


The payout table on slot joker123 online or any slot online defines the usual payout for a winning combination. Sometimes a symbol is specified by slot machines as a multiplier. If this symbol occurs in a winning combination, the payout is multiplied further. Typically a wild symbol is a multiplier. According to slots rules, if the wild symbol occurs in any winning combination, the normal payouts would be doubled. The multiplier can be three or four times or anything described in the slots rules. Some slots feature multiplier symbols occurring in a winning combination that independently multiplies payouts. You can get the information about multipliers together with payout table.

Free Spins Bonuses

A free spins bonus round offers the players a number of free spins. For these free spins, they don’t have to wager any amount but are entitled to get winning payouts. To make it even more lucrative, a multiplier may automatically enhance the payouts.

The free spins bonus round is typically activated when a particular sequence of symbols occurs on the reels. Most commonly, three or more scatter symbols occur on the reels. The slots rules specify the number of free spins and multiplier or they could be decided randomly when the event is activated.

Standard Bonus Rounds

Bonus games or bonus rounds on the second screen provide players free credits without having to place any bet. They are typically activated when a particular sequence of symbols shows on the reels. For the duration of the bonus round, the reels vanish. The bonus round is played in a setting that is consistent with the slot’s theme.

Players need to choose one or more objects from the ones appeared on the screen and are offered bonus credits randomly. The exact rules are specified together with the payout table.

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots feature a jackpot amount that keeps growing with each bet. A part of each bet is added to the jackpot. When a player achieves a combination that leads to a payout, he’ll get the jackpot amount.

Auto Play

Most players are in a habit to bet at online slots with the same bet repeatedly, just because they are bored to trigger the reels after every spin. Hence most slot developers include an Auto Play feature in the machines. This button is placed below the reels and enables players to set the number of spins, so that players don’t have to be even near his computer and the game continues to be played.

Make the best use of this information and we’d be glad to hear your success stories.