What Should You Know about Slot Paylines? – Part One

If you are still searching for information on slots and want to study them thoroughly, you should study something called paylines. Here we’d like to share with you information on paylines in three parts.

How do Paylines Work?

In a site from agen slot joker123 (joker123 slot agent) or any other slots, a particular number of similar symbols shown in a chosen payline leads to a payout which is shown in the payout table. Payline don’t only run horizontally across the reels in slots machines. They run in a zigzag manner too. There could be a symbol in a payline from the 1st row in the 1st reel, from the 2nd row in the 2nd reel, from the 3rd row in the 3rd reel, from the 1st row in the 5th reel and from the 2nd row in the 4th reel. These patterns of paylines are shown in the instruction section.

How will You Choose Paylines Before Betting?

While there are paylines from one to five in classic slots, video slots have them from five to hundred or even more. They are numbered beginning from 1. In some slots, all paylines are activated by default; however, most of the times, players are asked to choose the number of paylines. There is a LINES button below the reels and the number of lines chosen is shown near this button. Clicking this button once chooses the 1st payline, clicking it twice chooses 1st two paylines and so on. Choosing all paylines is a good idea because a combination can lead to a payout only if you’ve activated the payline.

Spin Button Vs. Bet Max Button

After you set the paylines and your staked amount, you have to set the reels in motion. You can do this in two ways. You will find a SPIN button at the bottom right of the screen which you’ve to click to start the reels. This is good for players who don’t want to activate all the paylines.

Other option is the BET MAX button which sets the paylines to the highest number provided in the slot machine and at the same time operates the reels. This is good for those who want to activate all the paylines.

How do Credits/Coins Work?

You first have to choose the number of coins per payline. This is set to 1 by default in some slots, while in others, you can choose the number up to the provided upper limit. You can obtain the total coins wagered per spin by multiplying the number of coins chosen with the number of paylines chosen.

Next you’ve to choose the coin size from the given range. You can then calculate the total stake per spin in currency terms, which is known as credits. Thus the total credits wagered is the product of the total coins wagered and coin size.

Friends, more information is coming your way in the second and third parts of this article series. Don’t forget to read!