Veikkausliiga – Interesting Facts about the Premier League of Finnish Football

Real bettors are excited upon getting new betting opportunities regularly and I am going to introduce you to such a new option known as Veikkausliiga! Actually Veikkausliiga is the premier division of Finnish football and comprises of the top 12 football clubs of Finland. The name Veikkausliiga comes after its main sponsor, Veikkaus, the national betting agency of the country. Veikkausliiga was established in 1990 before which the premier division was called Mestaruussarja.

Veikkausliiga is the 32nd best league in Europe. There have been frequent changes in the format as well as number of teams competing in the league; however, recently it’s been decided that the league will contain 12 teams who will play against each other thrice.

Veikkausliiga contains 33 rounds in which the best six teams from the earlier season have to play 17 home matches and the remaining teams get 16 to play. The team finishing last is relegated straight to the Finnish 2nd tier division, Ykkonen, and its winning team gets promotion to enter the Veikkausliiga.

Among the various teams, maximum number of titles have been won by HJK by a margin with 27 in the Finnish top division and are at present the defending champions for the 6th successive year. FC Honka  follow them by winning it 9 times.

Just like the sports in other European cold climate countries, Veikkausliiga is played during the warmer season of the year and often scheduled between April and October.

It’s allowed to include maximum 3 non-EU players for the clubs on their team and currently there are 87 foreign players in Veikkausliiga. 56% of all dealings of transfer take place between Finnish clubs on national level while 24% account for players going abroad and 20% occur for those joining Veikkausliiga. Maximum number of foreign players (20%) joining the league belong to the neighboring Sweden which also happens to be the most popular place for departing players.

Veikkausliiga Betting

The world of online Veikkausliiga betting is vast. HJK and Honka, the toppers for the last 4 years are presently fighting it out and with a lot of fixtures still underway it’s all about playing for Finnish Football betting.

HJK are the unprecedented kings of Finnish Football at the moment and when Veikkausliiga betting would be available, they will surely attract a sizeable share of bets. They have grabbed the attention for the last four years; above that, they are the most successful team in the Finnish history. In a tough fight with them are the FC Honka, though the fact remains that they still haven’t yet grabbed the biggest title in Finnish football.

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